Ten Amazing Facts About Email Marketing

Email Marketing can do wonders in increasing your sales

Although it has become an old method of marketing through trends and modern ways, it is still doing miracles for business owners.

You might get surprised by reading this, but email marketing is even more effective than digital marketing.†

We Have Brought You The Ten Facts About†Email Marketing†That Will Blow Your Mind So Letís Get Started.

1. Half of the users surely buy from marketing emails

At least half of the users surely buy from marketing emails particularly in E-commerce businesses.†

Once you become a regular and trusted provider of products and services via mail, customers will surely land on your mail to buy.†

2. More than 80% of Professionals prefer Emails

Yes!! More than 80% of professionals prefer emails over other Social media platforms. It is more comfortable for professionals to interact through emails.

3. Most effective in generating revenue

Most Businesses to Business Marketing believe that email is most effective in generating revenue.†

There are several methods by which you can generate revenue via Email marketing include:

Use an effective and benefiting customers call to action that enforces users to take action.Engage them by making them believe that several offers are coming after.Offers and discounts are miracles in engaging users to land on further landing pages hence generating more revenue.

4. A Study Reveals that 3 Billion People use Emails around the globe

Yes!! A study by Radicati Group reveals that there exist 3 Billion people that use email by 2020 around the globe.†

The statistics have increased since 2016 when there were 1 billion users. Gmail is the fastest growing app that will be used by more than 3 Billion people by 2021.

5. Personalized Mails attracts 14% more users towards Call to Action

Personalized Mails are more effective than non-personalized Mails. In a study, it is revealed that 14% of users are more attracted towards CTA, whereas more than 10% more communities go for conversion rates.

So, if you have not started sending personalized Emails, then you should start now.

6. Mobile-Friendly Emails increase more than 5of of 0% open-ups to your mails

Making your mail Mobile Friends is important because of the continuous increment in Smartphone users. You can reach your mobile users more effectively and creatively.†

7. Purchasers via Email spend 100% more than non-email purchasers

Yes, 100%. Even more than 100% of purchasers from Email spend more money than non-email users or purchasers.

Hence it can generate more and more revenue without spending extra money.†

8. Automation in Email Marketing has increased up to 37% since 2019

Automation has become a powerful tool for years in Email Marketing It proved a boon in boosting your overall purchases and has arrived as a modern and effective way of increasing sales.

9. More than 70% of total companies believed in Email Marketing

More than 70% of total companies committed that Email Marketing is an excellent form of Marketing among other Digital platforms.

10. Segmentation in email marketing has increased up to 29%, making it more powerful

Segmentation has arisen to be a powerful tool in Email marketing and increased up to 29% since 2019.


Hence, these were the ten facts about Email Marketing that will blow your mind. Email Marketing has grown stronger day by day. These statistics prove that one should surely invest his will and efforts in email marketing.

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