Technology is Changing the Look and Feel of Conferences

When you think about the latest technology you probably think about the Internet of Things, which is changing the way our homes look, allowing us to interact with them. At the same time, the IoT is winning more ground outside the house, by giving us smart cars and many more smart gadgets.

One of the areas changed by IoT is the conferences. Not only high tech conferences benefit from the latest technologies, but any type of conference, as they are turning into 3D shows.

Facial recognition put to work

When the iPhone X’s facial recognition feature malfunctioned during the launch it was all laugh and games, but the reality is this feature is being used a lot. Apart from unlocking the smartphones, it is used to track down who attends an event and to make resale’s easier. As smart homes can be unlocked using facial recognition, some creative people introduced this feature found in the latest smartphone models to churches, in order to keep track of who attends the Sunday service.

Another creative use of this feature is linked to conferences and sale events. Each guest’s face is being scanned and registered into a database for future use. When the organizers need to send invitations or sale tickets only to the people in their database, they can easily do this using facial recognition. This way, tickets can’t be resold and uninvited people can’t attend the event.

Intelligent lighting

Intelligent lighting solutions become more and more common at conferences. They can be controlled using software, so one can easily program the lighting, the colors and the intensity of light with high precision. This feature can be used to ease technicians’ work and highlight the important moments of an event, like the awards moment. At the same time, it can help the organizers save money by adjusting the amount of light used for the event and switching off the lights in empty rooms.

For example, when there is someone on the stage, the lights in the rest of the room can be dimmed. The light can “follow” the guests, as they move around the building, so when there are a lot of people in the main room, they will have lots of light and when they move into the lobby, they light will follow them into the lobby.

Intelligent food management

A conference is going to have an open buffet or something similar. The problem is a lot of food is wasted at these events. This issue can be solved by using an intelligent catering feature. Such features are already in use in smart homes, where they track down which products from the fridge are consumed and which ones are not. Thus, the feature tells the home owner when it’s time to buy certain items.

A similar feature was implemented for events, in order to reduce the food waste. This technology uses smart plates and smart trays which can keep track how much food is left, so the organizers can order more.

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