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If you are interested in modern technology, we encourage you to learn about the identification process in banks and companies discussed in this article.

A Look at the Technologies: Identification Side

Nowadays, your identity is so important and so ephemeral at the same time. It is not necessary to carry your ID-card everywhere. However, it does not mean you are safe. There are still many methods to figure out your identity if needed. So, in this article we are going to discuss the most popular ways of identifying a person, including passport and other common documents as well as positive and negative effects it can have.

Banks use these types of identification to predict confusing financial situations, companies – to make the identification process quicker and protect any important private or research information. However, what about exploring the moral side of the issue? If you want to learn more, essay writers online provide a variety of essay samples. Moreover, they can write a paper for you at a cheap price.


If to generalize a bit, this document proves that you exist. It contains the date of birth, and it enables you to carry out certain operations such as bank transactions. It is used in the majority of cases when there is a need to identify oneself.

That is why ID cards should not be used randomly as they are a guarantee of your privacy and safety for many years. Moreover, it is not easy to renew this card, so, keep an eye on it.

Voice Identification

Voice identification was among the first ways to clarify a person’s identity. In many cases it substituted ID-cards. This method is widely used in everyday life; however, we do not usually pay much attention to it because it became our routine habit. It is as simple as the ring on the door, where the one who rings is supposed to identify themselves.

Voice identification is widely used by the large companies, especially if a special access is to be granted.

Fingerprint Identification

This method of identification is still one of the most wide-spread around the globe. A fingerprint is something that is hard to argue in most cases. The procedure itself is very quick and painless, and that is a reason it is so popular.

Fingerprints are also taken when crossing the border. They are put in a special database – a list of people who entered or exited the country. This information can be then used to identify possible suspects in criminal cases.

Footstep Identification

This is, probably, the cutest and the most uncommon way of identification, when identification tool is a foot or, to be exact, a step. Step can give much information, such as your height and weight, your shoe size and the way you walk. Some of these criteria are used to figure out if you are that exact person, who is needed.

The Moral Aspects

Morality currently faces rises and falls because it is often misinterpreted and changed. People often readjust moral rules based on their personal preferences and beliefs. However, most of us willingly agree to leave the samples of our identity in the various lists and programs. We leave the traces where we are and what we are doing all the time. So, the question is whether we should use the personal data in the lists and numbers, which can be easily used to identify our names. Anyway, everyone has to give their own answer to this rhetorical question.

To conclude, identification has its pros and cons; it depends on the social needs, not the personal ones. In most cases you cannot choose whether you can give your personal info or not. But if you cannot change the current state of things, change your attitude. Maybe, this is the only way.