Technological Influence on Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms

We all know escape rooms are one of the best, efficient and affordable way to build a team that excels in collaborations, time management and decision making. The concept of escape rooms is quite interesting. The first escape room was built around 2007 and there were no escape rooms in the united states until 2013.

The present situation of the industry has generated over two thousand of escape rooms all over the country which differ from location to location. The escape rooms have puzzles that you would have never seen before, quizzes and activities that are not as easy as you think.

Why are Escape Rooms categorized under tech?

The primary aspect of building an escape room was to lower the number of padlocks in the escape room and the innovative minds started looking out for ways to make escape rooms even better. The number of physical locks is lesser than before and the number of electromagnetic locks are increasing. There are a lot of alarming sensors too as discovered by Game creators such as light detectors, vibrations, and much more.

There are plenty of ways the team members can interact with each other in an escape room and solve the challenges and puzzles all together. Over time, Sensor reads a trigger and deactivates a magnetic lock came into the field and a lot of micro controllers and computer devices are allowed for complicated technology to work in its own way in escape rooms.

The Escape room innovators are definitely worth a visit, the creators love all types of games and their simple and straightforward aim is to make the games that they would love to play and enjoy. Even if you are looking for games such as storytelling tricks that takes you in an imaginary and a world full of fantasies, you will be mesmerized by the quality of games it has.

The combination locks are also amazing and can help you to keep on track but are said to be quite difficult and are not actually fun to play. Although, there is no such escape room which is perfect and has games that are either very easy to play or very difficult to play.

Playing in escape rooms that are not totally advanced in technology such as Save the White house which has now received a lot of upgrades is still innovative.

Few games such as Molly’s Horror room and the frightful feast have a very a smaller number of combination locks while the newest game called Bowl Voyage has no combination locks. There are no game which can be judged as the best or the worst.

At last, all of these escape rooms are made to make a team stronger and increase their working skills. Some of the escape rooms might cost you more but that depends upon the technology it uses and the type of games it offers. Although, if you really want to have a team of efficient employees, escape rooms are definitely worth it.

image credit: Escape Rooms via Victor Moussa/shutterstock