Technological Advancements that will Revolutionise Executive Travel

When you think of executive travel, there is a good chance that you will concur up images of relaxing with a drink in the peace and quiet of business class. Whilst business class flights are a great way to travel, you should know that the future of executive travel looks very different.

Chartering a Private Jet

Instead of still having to pass through security and wait around the airport,in the near futureyou will be chartering your own private jet to reach your destination. Private jetsare seen astransportation exclusively for the rich and famous, but this is no longer the case. This is all thanks to some amazing technological advancements that have come about in recent years.

The Rise of On-Demand

This change has largely come about due to the fast rise of on-demand services. Nowadays, people canopen upan app and quickly get picked up by an Uber, get a pizza delivered to their door and even arrange a date. This has now spread to private jets as there are numerous ways that you can get your own luxuryflight on-demand.

The battle to be Uber of the skies is underway and many businesses are now looking to take advantage of this and send their employees around the world in style. Some companies offer subscription models where you pay a monthly fee and are then free to fly anywhere in the world – this is particularly beneficial for those that regularly arrange business travel. Alternatively, companies likeVistaJetallow you to pay for single on-demand flights by an hourly rate or provide priority access to one-way and empty-leg flights.

The Future

Although in its early stages, it is very easy to see this catching on and becoming the future of executive travel. Further down the line, we may even end up seeing aircraft sales continue to drop as more and more people opt for on-demand flights.


So, what are thebenefits of travelling in a private jet? A private jet may seem a little lavish and unnecessary, but those that have travelled in one will testify that it is much greater than business class. It allows you to sidestep the lengthy stretches spent at airports, you get complete peace and quiet and private jets are packed with all kinds of facilities. Whether you want to prepare a presentation, get some sleep or enjoy fine dining, you can do it all in style on a private jet.

The future certainly looks very different and very exciting for executive travel.