Taskworld Review – Intuitive Project Management Tool


In case you own a small business or an entrepreneur, then you will surely understand the importance of keeping things organized online. By having right kind of apps, as well as software, allow you to boost up your productivity of both yourself and the team. Also, with the software getting cheaper every day, it has become more adorable than ever to get your team work in conjunction with these useful tools. There are many tools available in the market which simplifies your work when it comes to dealing with a team. It provides you flexibility as well as simplicity to deal with day to day task.

Project management tool has now become a necessary requirement for the large team, especially in current times. You require a comprehensive project management solution in case you have to coordinate with too many people when it comes to task allocation, getting progress reports, setting deadlines, allocating resources and keeping tabs on the actions whether they are performed as per the plan.

Team task management is a hard thing to follow especially in the case when you are dealing with hundreds of members, and you need synchronized work enabled with proper communication which is a key for effective working of a team. Here comes, Taskworld.

Taskworld is an interactive task management platform which offers you a shared visual workspace to all of your group’s members to collaborate and work together. With the help of this, the users can create tasks for the teams and can also manage different tasks with effectiveness with the assistance of varied features such as chatting, file management, progress bar, etc. Here, we will discuss each of these features in great detail. At present, the Taskworld is available for PC in the form of the website, and it is also available for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS, as well.

You may certainly argue that there are many different project management solutions which are present in the market which provides the same features and benefits but Taskworld is quite different. It has few of the most unique features which sets it apart from the competition.

Taskworld: Features

To prove that Taskworld is better project management tool than other such solutions, let us go deep into its features and benefits. We will outline the major difference it has when compared to other solutions.

1. Ease of Usage and Simple Interface

Taskword Simple Interface

Taskworld makes project management quite easy to operate with its interactive and attractive interface. The information is not only presented in just text but also in the form of various intuitive graphs.

This makes working with this tool a great experience. This interface is so straightforward as well as clean that it is to tell the range of its features. This makes the user to fully utilize the inherent capacity and features of this tool at the maximum of its potential.

2. Timeline View

Taskworld Timeline View

This tool offers you a timeline of all the projects and tasks which don’t have to rely on third-party integrations. This makes it sure that you are on top of things always and under control. This also assists you to decide where to allocate your extra resources for best and optimal time along with cost savings.

3. Multiple Project Working

Taskworld Multiple Project Working

The ability of this project management tool to let the user’s task in different projects simultaneously is what makes Taskworld stand apart. It allows you to create multiple projects which also allows you to update any task in multiple locations.

It also allows you to manage tasks which are related to all the projects using one simple and single window. You can also filter the project on the basis of various parameters such as status, due date, created by and assigned to, to name a few. The tasks are also separated based on their due dates with various color schemes. It also has a color-coded pie chart which displays the tasks according to their due dates.

4. Instant Communication

Taskworld Instant Communication

This tool also comes with extensive support for instant messaging too. You can also communicate with your various teammates in different channels for different projects and also keep up to date with every task that has been performed. It is a highly secure alternative to different mass chat apps. You can also access the various chats as well as track your work on your mobile devices too.

It also supports “Direct Messaging” which can be used for seeking one-one-one guidance between team members and to discuss any conflicts. Its enterprise messaging allows you to sync with your team always and makes you capable to execute the correct decision at the appropriate time.

5. Project Folders

When it comes to ease of usage, Taskworld scores high points. You don’t have to haggle through various things and waste time to set things up before you have to start a new project. You are provided with an option to add numerous projects and view the status of the each project and its start date from the “Projects Folders” window.

You are also provided with unlimited storage which allows you to add as much information as you can and need without any worry about the storage space.

6. Project Health Status

Taskworld Analytics

This project management tool takes project monitoring to whole different level with its great Project Heath Status reporting and analytics. It also shows the status of the current projects likes start date; completion date, time elapsed, time remaining and amount of tasks which are finished and are still left, which provides you an overview of the project status in order to take necessary actions on time.

7. Interactive Dashboard

One of the best features of Taskworld is its interactive Dashboard which shows the various actions taken by the various teams. You can also see the list of tasks along with comments, images, as well as color-coded due dates.

In case you are looking for a project management solution for your business then Taskworld is the one you should try. There are numerous teams around the world which are making use of this tool to manage their work and team. This tool will make you project management issue easy and manageable.

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