TabiTab Ė Best Chrome Browser Upgrade Ever

TabiTab Screen

With thousands of Google Chrome extensions available to download in the Google Play store, itís hard to decide which ones are legit and which ones are pretty lame. TabiTab is one of the latest extensions to hit the Play store and it is well worth the download, as it allows users the ability to enjoy a quick and easy browsing experience and who doesnít want that?

Instant Browsing

TabiTab is a free Google Chrome extension that will give you a whole new experience for your tabs on Google Chrome. The extension gives you fast access to all your favorite websites and apps in one place, so no need to close the tab to open Facebook or YouTube, as your favorites will be one click away!

Stay Connected

We all have busy lives and busy schedules. Because of that, we are constantly updating our calendars and having emails to read. The TabiTab extension allows users to sync their emails and calendars, which allows them to view their emails and meetings in this new tab in real time.

Customize It For Your Needs

With this new tab, you can customize the background to make it as beautiful as you want. Have a favorite photo you want to use? No problem, as you can choose any of your own stunning photos as your new background. Otherwise, the extension has a beautiful, high-resolution collection of photos to choose from, which come from some of the most amazing photographers out there.

An All-In-One Tab

TabiTab allows the users to be effective as they can possibly be. This new tab app will give you all the utilities you need in one place. How so? It allows you to manage your to-do lists, get directions, translate and/or calculate all with one click. This is part of the free utilities section that comes with TabiTab.

Keep The Music Going

When they are working on their laptops or computers, most people like to listen to some sort of music at the same time. The TabiTab extension allows the user to sync their YouTube playlists into the embedded music player simply by signing in. Donít have a favorite playlist? No problem, as TabiTab has recommended built-in playlists to meet your favorite music needs, like rock, pop, hits and more.

Viral Videos Anyone?

If youíre the type of person that likes to watch the latest trending and viral videos, TabiTab allows you to play those videos right from the new tab. You can search for and play millions of videos from your new tab, which includes the latest cat videos, movie trailers, TV shows and more.

Keep Up On The Latest News

Never miss a breaking story, as TabiTab allows the user to get the most updated news streamed in real time from leading worldwide sources. Users can set up their new tab to include their favorite news sections, which include headline news, finance, sports and entertainment.

If TabiTab sounds like the perfect extension for you, you can install it right here!