Switch Phones on Verizon : Easy Step-wise Guide

Switch phones on Verizon can be done online at My Verizon page. The phones must be active as well as on the same plan before the beginning of the process.

Verizon Wireless commonly called Verizon is an American telecommunications company that provides wireless products and services. It is a division of Verizon Communications. Verizon Wireless is the largest wireless carrier in the United States which is estimated to offer wireless service to 119 million subscribers by 2020.

The company headquarter at stationed at Basking Ridge, New Jersey. It was founded through a joint venture of American telecommunications firm Bell Atlantic, soon to become Verizon Communications, & British multinational telecommunications company Vodafone in 2000.

How to Switch Phones on Verizon

  • Selecting Phones for the Switch
  • Making Additional Changes

Part One: Selecting Phones for the Switch

  • Sign into Verizon account. Go to the Verizon Wireless homepage and navigate to “Sign In to My Verizon” box at the top of the page.
    • The Verizon Wireless homepage is at: http://www.verizonwireless.com
    • Type mobile number or user ID in the sign in box, then tap the “Sign In” button.
    • When asked, enter password and press the “Continue” button. You will be redirected to “My Verizon” home page.
  • Go to the “Activate or Switch Device” page. Check for the “Manage My Device” lying in the left panel. Beneath the heading, search and press on the “Activate or Switch Device” link.
    • This will redirect user to the “Activate or Switch Device” page.
    • Remember that user can only do if he/she is an account owner or manager.
    • Also understand, the only devices that will appear on the user activate page are those which are registered under the same plan. User cannot switch active devices with some other plan.
    • If user wish to switch current device with a replacement currently covered by another plan, the device must be deactivated first. After that, can be activated in a similar manner as a new device.
  • Select the first device. Choose first device you wish to switch phones on Verizon. tap the device. Press “Next” to proceed.
    • Highlight the two devices you wish to switch between.
    • Ensure the correct “Select” bubble is filled then only, press the “Next” button.
    • After tapping “Next,” get redirected to the “Select an Option Below” page.
  • Choose the “Switch Device” option. On the “Select an Option Below” page, click on the selection bubble beside the “Switch Device” option.
    • Do not click on the “Next” button yet.
    • The other option on the page is “Activate Device.” This option should be selected if you want to activate an old phone or a new phone, but it should not be selected when switching two active phones on the same plan.
  • Select the second device. Beneath the “Switch Device” option, you should see the words “Select the phone number you want to switch with.”
    • Click on the drop-down box beneath that line and select the phone number of the device you want to swap with.
    • When you select the phone number, the phone model and image should appear on the screen. Once you have confirmed that this is the correct choice, hit the “Next” button to continue.
  • Send the confirmation code to phone. Verizon Wireless will ask to send an online authorization code.
    • Select the device you wish to use and Tap “Text me the code” button.
    • You have to finish the process with the authorization code.
    • The device selected will receive a free text message containing authorization code.
    • Tap “Text me the code” button, you get redirected to the “Customer Verification” page with a code simultaneously sent to the selected device.
  • Check the device. A verification code by text is received within a few minutes.
    • If you do not receive the code, use must have accidentally selected the wrong device.
    • You can only move next level once you the code is done.
    • Return to your system and tap “Didn’t receive the code?” link on the “Customer Verification” page.
    • Follow the on screen instructions and get the code re-sent or to contact Verizon Wireless for customer support.
  • Enter the code. Return to the system and type online authorization code in the box “Online Authorization Code.”
    • Type the same code into the “Confirm Online Authorization Code” box.
    • After typing the code, press “Confirm” button to continue.

Part Two: Making Additional Changes

Back up your contacts, if desired. You will be get option to back up the contact list before completing the switching process. Back up contacts digitally. If not interested, continue to the next step. Back up contacts is recommended for the device. For backing up contacts with device, press “View back up instructions for your current phone” link on the “Back Up Your Contacts” page. Ensure to back up contacts for both devices involved in the switch. Once completed, tap “Next” button to proceed further.

Update your plans. If devices are not compatible with the plan you will be switching onto, the site will prompt to update the plan. Verizon Wireless automatically shows the minimum plan you must select for a given mobile device. Review the details and cost of the new plan, then tap “Next” button. If you have a SIM-compatible device, then instead of a “Next” button, you are required to tap “Transfer SIM” button.

Switch SIM cards. Whenever necessary, you will be redirected to the “Transfer SIM Cards” page. Follow the on screen instructions to switch SIM cards before continuing, the process varies with the devices, but the steps will generally have the common pattern:

  • Turning off devices and removing the back covers from each one.
  • Locating the SIM cards which should generally be in the lower left corner of the respective phones.
  • Sliding each SIM card up to remove from the device.
  • Inserting each SIM card by sliding it into the empty SIM slot of the other device. Ensure that the contact surface remains down sided as you perform this step.
  • Replacing the back cover on each phone

Confirm the switch. additional changes and details have to be configured by tapping on the “Confirm Changes” button at the bottom of the final screen. Finalize the process and switch the phone numbers on both the selected phones. To confirm the output, make a call on both phones from a separate line and verify with rings when called. Check that if you get backed up contacts before finalizing the switch, you are required to restore contacts after finishing the switch process of the phones on Verizon.

The above article will definitely ease your way to switch phones on Verizon with the above stated simple and step-wise guide.

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