Swedish Online Casino Operators Showing the Way in the World of Gambling

Swedish online gambling company LeoVegas has announced that it is moving its 12 British brands to its own technical platform. The move is intended to increase the number of games that LeoVegas offers. The brands include Pink Casino and others. The move will make the customer experience smoother, due to more payment options on the online casinos and other factors, reports Suomikasino24.com

The 12 casino brands in question came to LeoVegas’ ownership in 2018. LeoVegas bought them then from the Intellectual Property & Software company. From that on, they’ve been operated using their original technical platforms. LeoVegas has wanted to integrate the operations of its brands. The integration allows LeoVegas to implement changes to all its brands faster, and makes the daily operation smoother. This will give the company an advantage over other players in the market.

In Britain, regulations of the gambling industry have tightened in recent times. Taxation of gambling has also increased. This is seen as one of the motivations behind LeoVegas’ move. Earlier this year, the company pulled another of its casinos, Royal Panda, away from the British markets.

Hero Gaming and Scout Gaming announce a joint venture

Scout Gaming, a company known for its fantasy games, has announced a joint venture with Hero Gaming. The deal allows Hero Gaming to offer all the games of Scout Gaming on its platform to its customers. The deal is expected to materialize within the first six months of 2020.

It is believed that Hero Gaming will launch a number of Scout Gaming’s products.

Vegard Rinne from Hero Gaming said: “The sports games of Scout emphasize individual performances and they offer our customers the ability to win large prizes with relatively small bets, and this is what the people want”.

Andreas Ternström from Scout Gaming said: “from the beginning, Hero Gaming has been a socially orientated operator with rapid growth, and the fact that it’s now investing in sports with our products is another step to the same direction and really great for us”.

Scout Gaming is a company founded in 2013 with its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. It also operates in Norway, Ukraine and Malta.

The world of online gambling is rapidly changing

The recent investments of these Swedish companies are not the only new developments. Companies around the globe are moving forward with new projects and products. New technologies are making their way into casinos, such as cryptocurrencies. Even physical casinos may adopt them, as Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro is intending to do.

Betting on sports events and especially electronic sports is another new trend that is seen on online casinos. Many online casinos have started to implement the ability to bet on electronic sports events, like Counter Strike: Global Offensive matches. This is seen as something that young, tech-savvy users of online casinos would be familiar with.

It is obvious that the world of online gambling is developing and changing rapidly. There are many business opportunities. Companies around the world are innovating and doing their best to outsmart their competition. It is advisable to everyone interested in the gambling business to keep a close eye on these developments. There might be great opportunities for success, but if you’re not paying attention, you may miss your chance.

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