Subwoofer: Do I Really Need It?


Sometimes, we feel something is missing even while listening to the top-rated soundtracks, watching highly acclaimed movies, or playing super exciting games. Ever wondered why? Well, the reason is a few songs and sounds, no matter how beautifully composed, require a supporting element to bring out the best in them. And, that support is a Subwoofer. 

For the unversed, Subwoofers are a loudspeaker or woofer that reproduces low pitched frequencies for that enhanced musical pleasure. That is, it aims to make the bass better. 

Now, coming to the most frequently asked question, i.e., is a subwoofer necessary, in our view, it is inevitable if you are a musicophile, gamer, or someone who loves binge-watching. And we have several good reasons for saying so. Below we talk about them.

Why is a subwoofer necessary?

Subwoofers make you feel the song that you are listening to, the movie you are watching, or the game you are playing. It elevates your overall experience. They make even the average sounds seem like chartbuster tracks. Apart from this, here’s what a subwoofer does.

  • It makes the sound a bit more vibrant and pleasing.
  • Subwoofers reproduce all the frequencies (including the low ones) received from the audio source to give you a stereo kind of sound effect.
  • A subwoofer enhances the speaker’s performance and makes it sound better. 

The above list is not where the need for having a subwoofer ends, you’ll get to know many other benefits of this musical invention once you start using it. 

But, a question might be popping up in your mind that if I have a superb speaker, then can I do without a subwoofer. Well, this is among the most frequently asked queries. Well, having a speaker does not mean that a subwoofer is not needed. Even if you have top-notch speakers at your disposal, subwoofers are still required to make the sound feel even better. Below we discuss why. 

Why is a subwoofer needed, even if you have good speakers?

Despite having the best speakers, you won’t feel the music, movie, or game sounds the way you want unless you have a subwoofer to compliment the speakers. Here’re the reasons for the same. 

  • Subwoofers are compact. Hence, they can fit anywhere you want them to, leaving ample space for you to party.
  • Speakers need to be placed at some specific room locations to produce the desired sound output, whereas, subwoofers give you the flexibility of placement and get a full, three dimensional sound irrespective of where you place it.
  • Subwoofers come with built-in amplifiers. Therefore, you need not worry about electronic equalization. The subwoofers do it automatically.
  • As said earlier, the subwoofer elevates the speaker’s performance and makes it sound a whole lot better.
  • The compact size makes the subwoofers suitable for any room size, ranging from big conference rooms to the comparatively small living rooms. 

Now, you must be excited to know which is the best subwoofer that you can get, right? Well, there is a plethora of subwoofers available in the marketplace, but not all of them are the perfect fit for everyone’s needs. Hence, we dived into the ocean of subwoofers and found the best one for you. In our view, Sundown Audio is hands down the best subwoofer manufacturer. It produces subwoofers suitable for every individual’s needs. No matter whether you are a music lover, binge-watcher, an enthusiastic gamer, or just someone who wants to make the most out of his home theatre, Sundown Audio has something for everyone. However, before jumping on to get the Sundown subwoofer, you must do your research about the best place to buy Sundown Audio as there are a lot of imposters in the market who sell fake products. Be aware of such sellers and always buy the product from a trusted seller for that unmatched sound.

Final thoughts 

A subwoofer enhances the home theatre or speaker sound and takes it to the next level. Hence, we believe that you must possess a subwoofer from a company such as Sundown Audio for the best sound experience. Do give it a shot, and you’ll know the difference yourself.