Why Are My Subscribers Not Showing Up?

Why my subscribers are not showing up is a common frustration among creators and viewers alike. They work hard to find whether subscriptions are broken.

Subscribers don’t get a creator’s new content in their subscription feed and thus never watch the content. Why does that occur, and what can creators and spectators fix it?

Any of you guys who are creators have presumably participated the frustration of attending premium subscribers, “Hey, your videos. They’re not displaying in my subscription feed. I didn’t realize you were publishing new content. Unfortunately, I’m not getting notified of your new content.”

Let’s talk about three potential reasons why they might not obtain your content and what you can do about it.

Why Are My Subscribers Not Showing Up?

Rambling Subscription Feed with What To Watch Feed

One of the biggest reasons your subscribers aren’t getting your content is because they are complicating their subscription feed with their What To Watch feed. And for active creators here on YouTube, it sounds crazy that anyone can confuse or mix up those two tabs on YouTube. But many newer people who are watching videos or are more recent to YouTube don’t know the difference between those. And so it is possible for sometimes those individuals to go to their What To Watch tab instead of their Subscriptions tab and then wonder why your videos aren’t displaying up.

And for those of you who don’t understand, the What To Watch tab offers you recommendations that YouTube thinks you would be interested in based on your past viewing history and the kinds of videos you are watching and engaging with regularly. To see all the videos from channels you’re subscribed to in reverse chronological order, you have to go to My Subscriptions, and you can see all those there.

May Not Be Logged into Channel

Issue number two is that your subscribers might be monitoring your videos, but they’re not logged into the channel when accomplishing so. So when they go to their What To Watch feed, your content isn’t showing up there.

One tip for you guys as creators is to make sure you post new videos to your channel regularly to give subscribers more and more opportunities to interact. Engross with your content, thus driving your videos– more possible– to their What To Watch feed, then showing your videos more prominently to them in more sites. Because the better they interact with your channel, the better they are sending engagement alerts back to YouTube. Because the more helpful they interact with your channel, the better engagement levels they transmit back to Google about the content.

Enabling Safety Mode 

And number three, sometimes your viewers might have the Safety Mode enabled on their channel account, which filters out any content that potentially isn’t, like, acceptable for a two and three-year-old. But, seriously, the moderation filters on Safety Mode on channels are crazy strict.

To provide you with an instance, almost half of all the videos published on Video Creators get flagged and unavailable to people browsing YouTube in Safety Mode. People have been working with YouTube actively to fix this bug in their system because their content was clean with no profanity, no nudity, no drug references, no racism– anything like that.

The content is immaculate, and yet anyone who had Safety Mode enabled on their account would not see, like, almost half of the videos in search, in related videos, in their subscription feed. It would just be like the content didn’t even exist. They couldn’t even see the thumbnail of the videos. Everything’s been plugged.

So that could very well be a reason why some of your viewers are not getting all of your content. The content maker would love to hear from you guys, though in the comments below– what other things have you experienced that seems to indicate to you maybe this is this problem. Perhaps this is why your subscribers aren’t getting all your content. Or maybe there are other bugs or issues, or problems with the subscription system that you have seen.

Subscribers aren’t receiving the Campaigns.

Typically, when subscribers overlook your email campaign in their inboxes, it’s because of spam filters. However, if your recipients have examined their spam or junk folders and still don’t notice your campaign, there are a few other items to investigate.

  • Is a particular subscriber not calling your emails? Invite them to add your the FROM email address to their contact list or address book.
  • If your email address is in their address book, have them check their spam filter settings to ensure that your content and address aren’t blocked.
  • Are they employing a webmail provider like Yahoo, AOL, or Hotmail? These providers throttle delivery, sometimes resulting in emails assuming about 24 hours to be delivered to a specific email account.
  • Has the campaign been sent? The movement may still be in the delivery queue for dispatching from our servers. If you own Mailchimp Pro or our Premium plan, utilize the Delivery Insights feature to catch updates on the delivery improvement of your campaign.

Could there be an internal firewall? Some domains don’t like seeing emails going to and from the same environment via a third party. For instance, you may be mailing an internal company newsletter from you@domain.com to lotsofpeople@domain.com. Your email goes via a Mailchimp server in the middle of that procedure. Sometimes, these emails look questionable and are blocked, especially with corporate and university filters.

If none of the above appears to get your subscribers’ emails, they may require to add our IP addresses to their allowlist. Typically, only corporate domains can accomplish this. Consumer ISPs won’t add IP addresses to their allowlists case-by-case rationale.

Typically, subscribers should request their server administrator or IT department to endure permitting listing Mailchimp’s servers.