Strategies for Playing Online Baccarat for Real Money in the USA

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Low house edge table games are some of the most played card games in any casino, and one that many players make a beeline to play is Baccarat.

In the current climate though Jayson Peter from the popular website CasinoUSA has told me there has been something of a sharp increase recently regarding people looking to play baccarat online for real money and those seeking information on how to improve their game play. Which is what I will be looking at in the following guide.

The Basics of Playing Baccarat

The way in which online baccarat games have been designed is identical to the variants that you will find on offer at any land based casinos, so do not be under the impression that you are going to find all manner of different rules and payouts in place on the variants of that game available online, as they are just the same as the ones in place on variants available in land based casinos.

You are not faced with too many decisions when playing Baccarat, for you simply need to decide whether it will be the Bankers of Players hand that will end up being the hand that has a value closest to nine, so it is a 50/50 type of bet.

Be aware that you will of course additionally have the option of betting that the game will end in a Tie, however the odds on that betting opportunity can and will vary from casino to casino. But it is a bet that comes with a much higher house edge than the Bankers or Players bet, so it is one you should not be placing.

Best Baccarat Bets to Place

As mentioned above it is the Bankers or Players bet that boasts a much lower house edge than the Tie bet and as such you should be wary of placing a Tie bet when you play baccarat online for real money, as that much higher house edge will eat away at your bankroll over time.

Some variants that you will come cross online may also offer you a range of optional side bets, and it can be quite tempting to place one of those side bets as the payouts on offer will be much higher than what you can win via the base game alone.

However, there is one main reason a casino site will be offering you those side bets, which can sometimes give you the chance of winning a progressive jackpot.

That reason is they earn the casino a much higher profit over the long term as those optional side bets come with some extremely high house edges, so be aware of that fact and avoid placing such bets and wagers at the Baccarat table.

Comps Offered to Baccarat Players

It is always a good feeling when a casino comps your gaming action, and when you decide to play baccarat online for real money be aware that any casino worthy of your gambling action is going to award you with comp points for every single bet you place on their Baccarat tables.

As for the number of comps you will earn and the redemption rate for swapping your accumulated comp points into playing credits, well that will vary from casino to casino, so spend as much time as you need comparing each casinos comp club, as that way you will be in a much better position to know which ones offer the best reward schemes.

Bonuses are another way that you can and will often lock in a great deal of value when playing real money table games online, but the devil is in the detail so to speak when it comes to spotting and making use of the highest valued bonus offers.

Therefore, please do ensure that before you claim any bonus offers or any additional promotional deals you read through the terms and conditions to ensure you do get a fair and reasonable chance of winning and the bonus credits you will be awarded with can actually be used on games such as Baccarat, as not all bonus credits can be sued on low house edge card games.