Storm International Organizes Gaming VIP Level Tours


Storm International company, the famous gambling operator, which manages several casinos, offers its guests an original service – junket tours. This is kind of vacation tour that involves recreation with the casino base. In this case, guest buys not just a ticket, but chips for playing at the tables or in slot machines. However, at the chips cost, each visitor receives a rest as in a five-star hotel. To take this advantage, you should first select a recreation destination. Casino network, which is called Shangri La has 4 units in 4 countries: Belarus, Georgia, Armenia and Latvia.

Junket tour registration’s conditions are about the same in all four casinos. It is enough to call your personal manager to tell about your requirements and wishes. The casino employee will fully take care of the guest. If necessary, the casino provides visa support. The staff will do everything, so the visitor can get tour on the desired dates. Also the tour price includes airfare to the country of destination and back. At the airport, the visitor is invariably greeted by a casino employee on a dedicated car. On the departure day, the same car will deliver the guest to the desired airport terminal.

Accommodation is also free at the junket. This can be accommodation at the casino if there are rooms for this, or in the neighboring high-class hotels. Food and drinks are also included in the price.

Recently, gaming tours have become no less popular than tourist trips to the sea or to various attractions. The reason is that game operators include excursion program at game tours. Storm International, Darren Keane, the company CEO said, also offers its guests guided tours of the city in which their casino is located and nearby neighborhood. If you have long dreamed of seeing Riga, Minsk, Yerevan or Tbilisi, then the Junket Tour will be a really good choice for a vacation.

Travelers in gaming tours at all casinos of Storm International, Darren Keane noted, are sure to participate in all casino events, including closed ones. If you ordered a junket, you can get even the jackpot. During the large prizes drawings, even motorcycle cars or snowmobiles, guests have a great chance to become the owner of this magnificence.

Game tours are increasingly being ordered for holidays with friends or a loved one. The gambling component adds a special piquant moment to the vacation. And when you go to a Shangri La gaming trip, you also get a great opportunity to enjoy the author’s cuisine. The fact is that each casino network has its own high-level restaurant. The head of each restaurants kitchen is a famous chef. Every day, special culinary offers are prepared for guests. That is, those dishes that you will never try anywhere else.

Storm International gaming tours are so popular, and more than half of the guests in all casinos are visitors from neighboring countries. At the same time, nobody is worried about the language barrier; unit stuff speaks the country language, Russian and English. Those casinos that are focused on guests from Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and other eastern countries also offer services in these countries languages.

Resting in the Shangri La casino, guests can also become members of the VIP club. To do this, it is enough to issue a club card and enjoy all the benefits that its owners receive. This offer is especially interesting for players who prefer to make high stakes and fight for higher prize payouts. Travelers who are especially interested in poker can go to Shangri La Yerevan, the best casino near the capital, where they have their own poker club, as well as local and international poker tournaments.