Steps on How to Connect Mobile with TV

To enjoy weekends with friends or families by watching movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., seems too fascinating. But it can be annoying if you watch these on your tiny Smartphone screen. 

Watching such stuff on television is more enjoyable. And that’s why we have brought you a complete guide to connecting How to connect mobile with tv. 

How to Connect Mobile to TV?

There are different ways for different gadgets. There are all kinds of ways mentioned. Take a look at the guide on How to connect mobile to TV.

We Are Connecting Androids Using Chromecast.

You can connect your android with your television using Chromecast; the condition is your TV should support this feature.

Steps are:

Connect your Wi-Fi with TV and android.Click on the cast option, then choose the device you want to stream content.

You can easily watch the content using Chromecast on the following top-rated apps:

HBONetflixGoogle Photos

Connecting With HDMI Cable or USB Adapter.

Another way to watch your Android’s content on TV is using either HDMI Cable or USB Adapter

For iOS Gadgets,  you will require a Lightning Digital TV adapter. You can even charge your phone while connecting and watching the content of smartphones to television because of the presence of an additional port. 

For Androids, if your Android has an HDMI port, you can easily connect your phone using a single cable. If your phone does not support the HDMI port feature, you can still connect your phone with a TV using adaptors such as USB or Type-C.

Connecting Using Digital Living Network Alliance(DLNA).

The easiest of all the methods of combining TV and Smartphone is connecting it using DLNA. It is the most common feature one can find in most devices. All you need to have is a television with an internet connection. 

Few apps supporting connection include:

AllCast allows you to attach the device connected with DLNA to PlayStation4.  LocalCasts streams files to devices or from a Dropbox account associated with DLNA.

Connecting Using Screen Mirroring.

You can go for Screen Mirroring if your Android does not support Casting. There are two methods to connect your phone with TV using Screen Mirroring.

Method 1:

Get on to setting options of your device from where to choose the cast button. After clicking, you can now share your mobile screen with the television.

Method 2:

In this method, you have to Download Google Home Application from Play Store. After downloading, open the account, then click on the Mirror device. Cast audio or screen, and you will be able to stream the Screen on the TV.

I am connecting using Airplay Feature.

You might be thinking that this feature is applicable or useful only for Apple TV. No, you can use the AirPlay feature for all the below-mentioned devices and enjoy binge-watching:


But the models should be recent or new. Old models do not support the feature. 


Hence, this was a guide to How to connect mobile with TV. So, what are you waiting for? Just adopt these ways and stream your favorite content on television now.

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