Statusbrew Review 2018

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We live in a society where social media has become an essential part of life. Managing our social media lives is becoming more tedious, and when it comes to businesses, it gets more complicated. Social media can deliver great results for any business if used in right way. It requires impressive marketing strategies and great social media management.

So when it comes to social media management platforms, the businesses have a variety of options. There are many such platforms which offer great features and functionalities that can help businesses to manage their social media profiles. We have been looking for some of the best social media management platforms, and we stumbled upon Statusbrew. We thought to give it a try and explore more about it. We found that it is an excellent platform when it comes to social media management and thought of writing a review for it to let you know more about this platform. So, letís begin with our review of Statusbrew.

Statusbrew is essentially a unified and comprehensive solution for social media management. It eases the process of social publishing along with brand monitoring as well as community management across all of the social networks, all from this platform. Social publishing is an important aspect of managing business brand on social media as it directly deals with the customers on the social network. Same goes for community management where a business requires to manage the customersí community in an emphatic fashion. Brand monitoring is essential for a business to keep track of brandís credibility and image among the customers and potential customers.

Statusbrew integrates all of the popular social networks. It allows to create, publish as well as analyse content for the audience of the business across all social networks from this platform, at a single place.


1. Publishing Content

Statusbrew helps in streamlined as well as on-time social media publishing across all of the social media networks in an easier and faster way.

It helps in planning along with executing the posting strategy across the popular social networks along with analysing the performance of each post.

It helps in remaining active on all social media networks. It allows to easily create as well as share impactful and meaningful content for the different social profiles.


It is a perfect solution which helps in delivering the right content to the audience in prompt fashion while being efficient and attractive.

One of the key feature is the publishing solution for the business

It is a perfect solution which helps in delivering the right content to the audience in prompt fashion while being efficient and attractive.

a. Scheduling of Posts

It allows you to choose the time and day on which you wish to publish the content. You can simply set it once, and you are all good to go.

b. Social Media Planner

You can view a complete and comprehensive timeline of all of the posts as well as visualize how they will be appear and posted on all of the social media profiles.

c. Multiple Social Networks

You can connect different social media profiles and simply post from a single place rather than going to individual social network and post from there.

d. Planning And Boosting Instagram Marketing

You can create as well as find content in order to share on Instagram right from your mobile or desktop. You can even schedule the content using this platform and also track relevant analytics for the posts.

e. Scheduling Bulk Posts

You can upload multiple posts with images for each, and every social media network and the platform will post them for you, automatically.

2. Audience Management

Statusbrew allows you to manage your entire social media audience with significant automation as well as lead discovery features. It helps in enlarging your social media audience through organic means.

Audience feature

It is essentially a community growth as well as a management solution for Twitter. It helps in fully managing all of the Twitter accounts without wasting time and taking away the need for logging into multiple social media accounts.

a. Providing Overview

It helps in visualizing the graphical insights of the community trends right from one place with a single view.

b. Management

It helps in determining the leads from the social media networks as well as helps in building relations with them.

c. Growth

It allows you to search and find the most relevant and essential people to follow on Twitter, based on the interests of you and your brand.

It helps in targeting the audience with personalized content or messages. You can send personalized DMs and Tweets to your new followers and initiate conversations with them, which might lead to actual sales.

It also allows you to grow your audience by a significant margin. It helps in creating meaningful connecting within your community and also cleanup your profile from the users who donít add value to you.

You can also manage your community using this platform. It helps you in organizing social audience and also assists in catering to each segment. It assists in saving time on the management of your social audience and also helps in getting more returns out from all of your efforts.

It helps you to quantify the efforts you make on social media. It obtains the most significant and meaningful statistics for your social media networks in a straightforward as well as simple way.

You can also download insights for your social media networks. It helps in making reporting quite easy by means of downloading the statistics for your different social media profiles.

3. Reporting

Reporting: The reporting section offers you detailed insights of whether your social media efforts are heading in a right direction or not. It shows you the insight of how your content performed on different social media channels, engagement, and likes, shares, and comments. You get detailed insight with visual graphs.


The reporting section is segmented into three parts

  • Audience
  • Engagement
  • Content

Audience: This section gives you a detailed insight of your audience on various social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. The highlighting feature of audience section is that all information is represented in tables and charts which make it quite easy to understand.

Engagement: If you want to know how your posts are performing on different social media platforms. The statusbrew engagement section displays the number of likes, comments, retweets and impressions your post has received over a period of time.

Content: With Statusbrew reporting section, you can analyze your content on different social media platforms. You can find out top engaging content and least liked content. This information will help you understand what kind of content your audience like most and you can generate ideas looking at the data.

4. Team Management

It enables your teams to effectively collaborate as well as increase productivity on social media

Team Members

It helps in managing multiple brands and also allows your team to perform more tasks on social media with ease and swiftness. It also drives more productivity from different social media networks.

Another significant feature is that it allows you to manage your brand in one place. You can easily visualize all of your brands through using a single centralized dashboard. It helps in the management of every aspect of the brands on social media networks which provides uncomplicated as well as trouble-free experience.

a. Creating Multiple Organizations

It helps in creating such different organizations as per your requirement. You can also add relevant and important profiles to each of the organization, and it also makes the management of all of the brands as effortless as it can be.

b. Establishing Security

It allows you to set custom levels of permissions for each of the team member. It helps in avoiding mismanagement by providing them access to the profiles only as well as the organizations which they require.

c. Assigning team members

It allows you to give team members access to the entire organization structure which you have already created. You can easily assign them permissions based on the roles that they have.

d. Monitoring Competitors

It helps you in comparing the audience of your business with that of your business competitors. You can listen and observe what they are actually saying and easily respond to each business opportunity immediately with ease.


  1. Helps in scheduling posts, managing them across multiple social media platforms.
  2. Helps in scheduling bulk posts as well as Instagram marketing.
  3. Helps in management of audience allowing growth, an overview as well as monitoring of them.
  4. Helps in targeted marketing and manage the community.
  5. Provides insights and generates reports of statistics required for deeper analysis.
  6. Helps in management of teams with the better assignment of tasks, establishing security as well as creating different organizations to manage different tasks.


  1. It doesnít provide an overall view of Facebook marketing which is quite essential.


Statusbrew is a comprehensive and complete social media management platform which can be quite useful for your brand. It helps you in effectively manage your social media platforms and helps you in connecting with your audience. We definitely recommend this platform for you in case you are looking for robust social management platform which delivers high performance and insightful details.