Social media vs online dating

Dating in our contemporary times has undergone a sea change from conventional dating techniques that were used until a few years ago. This is mainly due to the advent of the Internet that has transformed most aspects of lives including our professional and personal lives. Social media has played an instrumental role in the way we build relationships and so has online dating. Both of these now play a critical influence in the way we interact with people both socially and romantically. 

According to, both social media and dating sites have become very popular mediums by which to connect with people. Both have their pros and cons, and we will examine some of these in a brief overview of social media vs online dating. 

Social media: This comprises sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to name a select few of the many sites online. Some pros are as follows: 

  • This offers a platform for face-to-face interactions and is useful for those that have a limited social circle of friends, including the elderly. It is an easy way to spread information, especially during any crisis. It can help to overcome depression and anxiety etc. 
  • One of the most positive ways social media is used is crowdsourcing that helps people to achieve their goals. Social media also allows access to a greater pool of information for academic purposes. It helps in building professional contacts and improves networking necessary for professional growth. When used in moderation it improves personal well-being. 


  • Overuse of social media can lead to neurological and personality disorders. The risk is higher for teens and individuals that are deeply influenced by social media. It is found that kids that are heavily into social media get lower grades in school. 
  • Excessive use creates a disconnect from family and friends with less time spent with them. This could lead to a loss of social interaction skills. There is the added risk of depression, poor self-esteem and eating disorders etc. associated with excessive social media use. 

Online dating: 


More prospective partners: The biggest advantage of online dating is it offers access to a larger pool of dating partners not possible with conventional dating. It works well for those that search for a partner with specific characteristics. 

Improves compatibility: With most sites offering search filters it becomes easier to narrow down ones search to find compatible partners. 

Helps to connect: With online dating, it is possible to communicate without meeting and developing a rapport. This is a safer way of dating until and unless both partners are comfortable with the idea of meeting in person. 


Can get overwhelming: Having too many prospective partners can cause confusion and lead to feeling overwhelmed to make a choice. 

Not always accurate: Matching may not work out accurately as people change with time. What initially appears to be a good match may not turn out so in the long run. 

Increases the risk of lying: People are not always honest about themselves online. They may not be the person they claim to be in their profile. There is always the risk of being lied to. Conclusion: When it comes to between choosing social media or online dating the latter is always a better bet. Online dating offers higher levels of privacy and security. With social media, it is not easy to find the type of partner you seek. Online dating offers a much wider pool of potential partners with the option of looking for someone compatible. Thus, online dating is always a better choice when it comes to finding love online.