Social Casino: All Ins And Outs Of The Industry

Social Casino

A social casino refers to online gambling with the ability to communicate with other players. You can interact with experienced players to seek tips and learn more about their winning strategies. 

One of the major differences between traditional casinos and social casinos is that there is no real money involved. The motivation of players is not linked with money, instead they just want to have a good time and socialize.

On the other hand the online gambling market is huge, and there are always new and exciting offers for new players. Traditional casinos always run new offers to attract more customers. But you won’t find such offers in social casinos.

For example, In Sweden you can get no deposit bonus offers at various casinos. No deposit bonuses allow players to play without spending any real money. Opportunities to play for free do not come all the time, so you should definitely check online casino utan spelpaus.

So what makes social casinos special? Well, we have made a list of all the ins and outs of social casinos.

Brand new game production quality

Social casinos in comparison to other gambling solutions provide their clients with much more engaging plots and improved graphics that are intriguing and exciting for not only the customers but also for the software developers and the casino owners. 

As a result, players get increasingly involved in the games themselves, owing to their high regard for the quality of the content and actively participate in more and more gambling spots.

Contribute in more active users

According to recent studies on gaming solutions; social casinos and their usage, it was noted that people who play social games in online casinos continue playing more frequently and for longer periods of time. 

In fact, the interactive atmosphere of the social platforms tend to be more interesting and intriguing for the gamblers and contribute to more active users. 

It presents a fantastic chance for software developers as well to expand their businesses by tapping into a rapidly increasing sector and enhancing their revenue directly contributing to increase in conversions. 

Increased motivation to play

As it has been previously stated that gamblers tend to stay for an increased time and have a more fruitful experience than before. It was also noted that the players at social casinos are there to compete against their friends and rather than focusing on winning real money, financial benefit and other virtual achievements in the game, they try to gain the victory against their friends and family to gain that social satisfaction. 

Hence, people play gambling from a different perspective here. It must be taken into account by software developers for a more interactive experience.

Using traffic procurement to create a money flow

According to Research conducted by Carlos Norberg (check his profile), the average age and gender of social casino players is 36-41 years old, with females accounting for more than 72 percent of the population. 

The younger audience is more interested in mobile devices, and they are willing to pay 4-10% more than desktop gamers. In-app purchases and in-game advertising are the two main sources of money in social gambliing. 

It is apparent that today’s social casino games have a lot of potential for generating revenue through traffic acquisition and advertising in gaming production. This traffic can be intrigued on both the desktop and mobile casino versions of the game, and it is highly versatile. Thus,  social casinos have opened many opportunities for businesses.


Overall, the rapidly evolving and ever-expanding online gambling market gives enormous prospects, opportunities for businesses and financial benefits for owners and the social casinos. Innovations like social casinos are increasing in popularity and their worth is also evident through the hundreds of increased gamblers daily in the online gambling market.