Skin Care Tips to Prevent and Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Skin Care

Wrinkles and fine lines are the two most common signs of skin aging. Many of us are losing the wrinkle battle as we are hopelessly seeing how the glow of the youth slowly goes from our faces. They are the creases, folds, or ridges in the skin that makes it hard to keep your birthday a secret. Fine lines and wrinkles can become a serious beauty concern, especially for women. They are caused by genetics and aging which are not avoidable.

Aging comes with the gradualreduction of collagen in the body. Collagen is a protein produced in the human body and can be found in bones, tendons, muscles, and skin. It is the protein that acts like “glue” and holds the entire body together. When you are young, your body produces collagen naturally in abundance. Unfortunately, the production of it starts to decline at about age 25 and continues to do so as you get older.  Therefore, your skin starts to be prevalent to getting wrinkles and fine lines. Collagen decrease in the body cannot be prevented. Skin aging does not only occur by passing time alone but also by the exposure to different environmental factors.  Yet, there are a few ways to help you age more gracefully and maintain your skin healthyfor a longer period of time than you would think.

Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

If you were looking for another reason to motivate yourself to quit thehorrible habit of smoking, you should add premature wrinkles on your list. Smoking is a dangerous habit which increases the risk of developing numerous diseases. It is negative for your heart, your lungs, and brain. Yet, little it is known that it also has tremendous effects of the way your skin looks. Smoking does not only causewrinkles on your face but can also increase wrinkling and skin damage on other parts of your body too. The nicotine which can be found in cigarettes causes the narrowing of the blood vessels in the layers of the skin. Therefore, less blood flow leads to fewer nutrients and less oxygen that reaches your skin. Moreover, the chemicals from tobacco smoke damage collagen and elastin which are the fibers that ensure skin elasticity and strength. Unfortunately, skin wrinkles cannot be reversible. Yet, you can prevent making it worse by quitting smoking now.

Drink Plenty of Water

Skin Care Tips

Skin radiance can only be ensured by drinking enough water on a daily basis. Water is essential for all the vital body functions to be optimal. Hydrating yourself will help you delay the results of aging on your skin. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and one of the most complicated. It has many roles in the maintenance of life and health. Therefore, plentiful water consumption is essential to maintain optimal skin moistureand to deliver vital nutrients to the skin cells. If the skin does not get sufficient amounts of water, the lack of hydration will make your skin become dry, tight, and flaky. Medicals specialists recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water daily to maintain our overall health and to slowdown the aging process of our bodies.

Have A Diet Rich In Antioxidants

Skin Care

Aging comes with the price of losing the glow and the elasticity of our skin. It gradually loses all its proteins and fibers that keep it healthy and avoid wrinkling. However, just like smoking accelerates the natural aging process, so does an unhealthy diet. To avoid premature aging skin, you need to ensure that your body gets enough nutrients from the food that you eat. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants is like an internal skincare regime. Foods rich in antioxidants can help your body decrease the appearance of wrinkles and skin dryness. Antioxidants such as vitamin C,E,A and beta-carotene can reduce the damage that is caused by unstable molecules, often referred to as free radicals. Free radicals are those molecules that are produced by environmental exposures such as tobacco, pollution, and UV rays. One of the best ways to ensure your body has a diet rich in antioxidants is to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Sun Exposure

Several medical studies have proved that prolonged sun exposure can have numerous negative effects on our skin, including skin cancer and premature aging. Medical specialists have shown that sun exposure can result in structural changes that occur inhuman skin. The process of skin aging induced by the UV is a complex one. TheUV radiation is considered to be a major contributor to protein oxidation and impairment of proteasomal function in skin. Therefore, it leads to the acceleration of the aging process as the skin tissues are slowly being damaged. It is essential to protect your skin against harmful UV rays all year round, including during winter, with a high-quality sunscreen.

Use the Benefits of Aesthetic Medicine

Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines

From aging to environmental factors, there are many things that may affect your skin. The best strategy to age gracefully is early prevention of wrinkles and fine lines. However, once you reach an age when prevention and natural treatments no longer help your skin glow again, aesthetic medicine is the best choice for you. Although aging skin is inevitable, today’s technological and medical advancements can help you look as young as you feel. Medical aesthetic skin treatmentshave numerous benefits on improving one’s appearance. They can treat conditions such as wrinkles, acne, sunspots, scars, and even excess fat. Apart from improved appearance, the main benefit of those treatments is that they provide immediate and long-lasting results. Thanks to all the advanced anti-aging systems, the procedures result in a healthier and glowing skin for a longer time.

Forever youth-looking skin is the dream of everyone. Unfortunately, the skin is a living organ that changes over time as we get older. Early prevention of wrinkles and fine linesand professional treatments are the most effective ways to prolong the time before your skin starts to lose its glow.

Image Credits: Skin Care from Sofia Zhuravetc /Shutterstock