Six Simple Ways to Brighten Up A Dull Kitchen

Coloured Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Over time it is natural to become disenchanted with your kitchen’s décor. It may have looked pretty as a picture a decade ago, but time has taken a toll on its appeal.

At which point, you may find yourself questioning whether an all-out refit could be called for.

If you would prefer not to start again from scratch, brightening up a dull kitchen can be surprisingly simple from a new layer of paint to a kitchen splashback installation. Not to mention, far more cost-effective than installing a brand new kitchen.

Each of the following could bring you light, life and enjoyment into your kitchen, without the costs of a major refit:

1. Hang a Mirror

Something as simple as a strategically-positioned mirror can make a kitchen look and feel significantly larger. This is true of anything with reflective properties, which can be used to bounce natural light around a space for a fresh and vibrant feel. The larger the mirror, the greater the effect, do not be afraid to bring something sizeable into the space.

2. Get Creative with Lighting

Nothing brings a better ambience into the kitchen than natural light. If your kitchen’s position results in natural light absorption, getting creative with artificial lighting comes highly recommended. A good place to start is switching out the single central lighting source for a series of task lights, feature lights and decorative lights. Up-lighting can also be surprisingly effective in breathing new life into a dull kitchen.

3. Install a Colourful Splashback

Anything that brings a pop of colour into your kitchen could make a big difference; one of the easiest and most effective ways of accomplishing this is to make use of a coloured glass splashback. A premium glass splashback mounted in a prominent position can create an eye-catching feature that transforms the visual dynamic of the entire space. All while providing welcome protection for your surfaces, with a hygienic and maintenance-free glossy surface.

4. Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

What sounds like an extensive undertaking can actually be taken care of over the course of a free weekend, there is nothing quite as transformative as changing the colour of your kitchen cabinets. If you are genuinely uninspired with your kitchen’s current décor, why not spice things up with a bold new colour? All you need to do is remove the cabinet doors, strip them, paint them and put them back – an easy DIY job anyone can handle.

5. Use Metallic Surfaces

Bringing metallic surfaces of any kind into the kitchen can also be great for drawing the eye and bouncing light around the place. This is also something that can be achieved with a metallic kitchen splashback, or any other fixtures, furniture or decorative adornments you like.

6. Decorate the Window

The window has a tendency to be the single most prominent feature in many kitchens. In which case, why not show the kitchen window some TLC? Upgrade to quality window shutters, hang some eye-catching curtains or repurpose the windowsill in a more practical way; all quick and easy alterations that can make a big difference.