9 Simplest Ways to Choose the Best Email Marketing Tool

There is enough competition right now in the market among the top Email marketing tools, and it’s not always easy to judge which tool to go with, keeping in mind their pompous homepages and feature lists ( often, boastful).

So I’m taking to write this post, in the simplest possible chronology for you, so that you can have a clearer picture in mind about which tool fits your need, budget and necessity, and which doesn’t.

I won’t complicate things, just checkout the name of the tool, and then a brief description to each and everyone’s features, ofcourse I’ll try to highlight if there’s any worth mentioning, results changing ‘negative” aspect of the tool as well, just to make it a fair play for everyone.

I’ll start with the one that I personally use, trust and recommend. Well you’ll get the answers to “why” as you read this piece.


  • As many as 5 variations of A/B tests. This is the maximum, considering other tools allow 3-4.
  • Landing page builder:- Exclusively available only with GetResponse at no additional cost.
  • Allows me to host Webinars directly from the GetResponse account.
  • 500+ Email templates, that’s more than I could ever use.
  • 100+ landing page templates, so definitely all my needs are satisfied
  • Drag&Drop Template and Page Editor.
  • Advanced 2.0 AutoResponders, which let me trigger Event and Action based responses. I don’t get this with a lot of tools.
  • Live Preview while Editing email templates, or landing pages.
  • Most affordable pricing. Reasonable too, compared to all the other tools out there. That’s $15 for 1000 subscribers.
  • Free 30 days trial ! 


  • Allows A/B tests, but less variations than GetResponse.
  • 70+ Email Templates.
  • Drag&Drop template builders.
  • No landing page support.
  • Good Autoresponder, although not comparable to GetResponse.
  • Live preview
  • Pricing starts at $19.95 for 1000 Email subs. That’s pretty expensive compared to GetResponse.


  • It has a Drag&drop template editor ofcourse.
  • It offers you a wide range of Email templates as well.
  • No autoresponder included in the free plan.
  • Good Integration system. Although, not as many options as GetResponse, again.
  • Anti Spam Filters.
  • Pricing:- Has a free forever plan, which doesn’t let you use the autoresponder system.

Vertical Response:-

  • Drag&Drop template builder.
  • HTML template upload option !
  • Good number of forms.
  • Tracking tools available, but they are pretty basic.

Overview? Vertical Response is good for you if it’s your first day in the Email marketing thing.


  • Drag&Drop Template editor is available.
  • Basic Insights tool
  • Lets you add unique, custom blocks, that’s something unique on its part.
  • Allows you to Split Test.
  • Has a unique Subject Line Advisor.
  • “OK” kind of AutoResponders, they do their job.
  • Good List management tools.


  • A lot of good Email Templates.
  • Advanced List and contact management options.
  • Let’s you host Surveys.
  • Has a clean Drag&Drop template Editor.
  • Autoresponders are good.


  • No Landing page builder (actually, that’s exclusive to Getresponse).
  • List management not as good as GetResponse.
  • AutoResponders not as advanced as with other tools in this list.


  • Has Interactive SignupForms
  • Good Social media integration.
  • Advanced 2.0 AutoResponder.
  • WYSIWYG drag&Drop template editor.
  • 500+ Pre-made Email templates


  • Requires SalesForce app integration to track Campaign performance.
  • Not a very good tracking & analysis feature.


  • One of the best AutoResponders in the industry.
  • Drag&Drop Email template builder.
  • Sign up Forms
  • RSS to Email creations.
  • 700+ Email Templates
  • Good Tracking


  • Expensive:- Aweber doesn’t offer anything that you don’t get with GetResponse. Infact, you “dont” get the landing page or the webinar thing with Awbeer, still it’s more then double the cost of GetResponse. That is, $19 for 500 subscribers ! While you’re getting 1000 subscribers with GetResponse for just $15.

Constant Contact:-

  • 100+ Pre Made Email Templates.
  • Event pages.
  • Donations Page
  • Survey – Coupons and other varied kind of pages are supported.
  • Good Contacts management
  • Automation tools are good. (If you don’t compare them with GetResponse)
  • Good inbuilt tracking and reporting tools.
  • Social and Apps integration is OK, not as extensive as other tools.

Final Words:-

This was probably the simplest kind of features list you’ll ever come across on the web. And I made it like that for a reason. Most other posts, are so complicated that it’s hard for you to derive one single conclusion from it.

Well, I’m giving it to you on a plate over here.

Simply put, GetResponse is still my #1 choice after writing this review. Because, it has a super affordable pricing to start with, and secondly because it offers me that landing page feature, which is non-existent with other tools.

So yes I’d still want to go with GetResponse. Also, it’s advanced 2.0 autoresponders are not to be found with a lot of other tools in the market, and whenever available, they are priced high.

So, I’d say go out and try Getresponse right now ! For Free !

Oh hey, you must be using some kind of tool from this list for yourself right? Mind sharing your experience in the comments? Would be great, also ever had a sour experience with any of the above tools? That’s most welcome too, because my goal right here was to provide you the simplest possible decision-making article, while choosing your next Email marketing tool.