Simple Tips To Increase The Money You make As An Uber Driver

Increase The Money

If you work as an Uber driver, you’re almost certainly doing it for one reason and one reason only: to make money.

There are a certain number of Uber drivers who are able to make the entire living from it, in contrast to most who use Uber driving to make a little extra income on the side.

Here are the simple tips to increase the amount of money you make as an Uber driver:


Use The Passenger App

Uber has two primary apps to use: the driver app and the passenger app.

While you’ll obviously need to use the driver app, you would be wise to use the passenger app as well.

The reason is because the passenger app gives you a lot of information not found on the driver’s app; most notably, the locations of the other Uber drivers, so you can work in the areas that have the least amount of competition. This will translate to getting more rides and earning more money.


Eat In The Car

Don’t stop at a fast food restaurant to eat. Not only are you wasting time that could be spent driving passengers around, you’re also obviously spending money on the food. Instead, bring a water bottle and a snack with you to stay fed and hydrated.

Just be sure to keep your food and beverage hidden from your passengers. Avoid eating while they are in the car with you and keep the car clean.


Know Where The Public Restrooms Are

Specifically, you need to know where the public restrooms are that also have free parking. Examples include restrooms at coffee shops and grocery stores.


Drive During The Surge Fare Times

If there’s one technique almost guaranteed to make you more money as an Uber driver is to drive during the surge fare hours. This is when the prices of fares is the highest because there are fewer drivers present.

While it entirely depends on the location, the early morning hours from one to five are often the times with the highest fare prices because those are when you’ll have less competition.


Don’t Drive Around In Circles

Many novice Uber drivers will often drive around in circles around town attempting to pick up passengers. But in reality, all this does is waste fuel…not to mention inflicting more general wear and tear on your vehicle.

Instead, pick a certain area of your town that you’ll stick to. Ideally, this area should be close to the town’s center and away from the suburbs.

This way, chances are good the distance to your passenger will be less and you can spend less money on fuel. The last thing you want to do is drive a long way to pick up a passenger or drive endlessly in circles wasting gas money.


Making Money As An Uber Driver

While these tips may seem a little simple, when used together, they can really increase the earnings you make while working for Uber.