Simple Orthodontic Marketing Techniques

Orthodontic Marketing

Dentistry and marketing are two polar extremes on any scale you can think of. However, one needs the other to compete and become a success. 

Following are some marketing strategies to adopt if you wish to save time from hiring expensive agencies.

Ask For Referrals

Business is based on communication, so don’t find it shameful or bizarre to recommend your orthodontics practice by asking your patients to spread the word. If you are an expert at what you do, the patients will do it without asking. Some professionals find it a bit uneasy, while some are afraid to ask their patients for referrals. We are here to tell you there is nothing wrong with that!

Naturally, when it comes to dentistry or orthodontics practices, people prefer to see the results of someone close to them walking into the same office physically. When your patients recommend a successful referral, reward them with a small prize.

Network with Dentists

It is also beneficial to network among the orthodontics community. Figure out where everyone hangs out and get together. Send them a birthday card or a small present to let them know you exist in the same circle.

If you want to stand out, we say go with something extremely personal. Treat the dentist to a birthday meal or take the entire office to lunch. Wish them a happy birthday with an unconventional cake design with their name and their practice name mentioned on top. 

The dentists will start recommending your orthodontics practice once you penetrate their social bubble.

Happy Patient Day!

Your business has been a success because of the patients, so let them know you appreciate them. Randomly throw a patient appreciation day to let them know how much they mean to you. You can also rent a larger area and make a day of it by bowling or watching a movie with them.

All in all, this is an excellent way to get to know your patients in a relaxed non-professional setting. You can also ask the patients to bring their families with them. The more the patients get to know you, the more likely chances for repeat business.

Offer Free Consultations

New patients are the trickiest to maintain. Therefore, email or mail them complementary cards for a free consultation or dental exam after one or two sessions. It can be any type of procedure or treatment you are comfortable doing pro bono. Patients are very anticipatory of gifts or rewards, so you won’t have any trouble convincing them.

Another idea includes asking the dentist to email or mail previous patients who have not come in for a consultation in a long time. Word of mouth is an excellent marketing tool that must never be taken lightly by any business. 

More Innovative Ideas for Orthodontic Marketing

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