Sick Of Your Non-Engaging Instagram Audience? – Get To Know The Ways To Increase Your Engagement

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Are you wondering why the audience you have on Instagram is not engaging with you? What is the reason that all the instagram followers have stopped taking action on your posts? There is just one answer to all these questions, and that is your strategy. The Instagram platform is not very simple that anyone can appear and grow overnight. It takes hard work, patience, and, more importantly, a strategy in place if you want your Instagram to grow, and your audience engages with you.

The ways we will be discussing below will also help you get some more real instagram followersSo let us dive deep into the world of Instagram and learn some important strategies.

Create creative and savable content 

The way of communication through which a person can contact all their instagram followers is the content. The content that you will make is the bridge between you and your audience. That is why you should ensure that the content you make is unique and creative. If you make some creative content, you will see that people will start saving your post and sharing it.

Also, you have to perfectly design different types of content. There are four types of content that a person can post on Instagram, i.e., the posts, stories, Igtv’s, and the reels. It would be best for you to make and manage all the types of content if you want to grow instagram followersAlso, remember that whenever you will post something, then add that to your story also. It increases your chances of getting more views on the posts.

Try to start a conversation with your audience with stories 

You should also try to communicate with your audience always. It is the best way to show them that you are an active page and want to make your presence. The best way through which you can communicate is through the stories. There are many features in the stories through which you can ask questions from the audience or ask them to poll or sometimes ask their suggestions and view. Through this, slowly and slowly, people will start engaging with you, and your page starts to grow.

You will also see that these stories start featuring on the suggestions page as the engagement starts to grow. Due to this, new people will get to see your stories and posts, and your page will start getting some real instagram followers. 

Keep testing a new type of content 

An Instagram page’s growth gets stuck when the person running the page only posts one type of content. That is why a person needs to take care of the fact that they have to keep trying new content types and post them. With this, the audience will get to see a variety of content, and along with that, you will get to know about the likes and dislikes of your instagram followers. 

When you know that this is the particular type of content that your audience likes, you must focus on that particular content, but still, you should try new content. There are different types of content, also on Instagram. The person should lay down a proper strategy in which you will use all the different types of content. It makes the audience’s collaboration with your page interesting, and they would like to visit your page again and again.

Start sharing more about your goals and motives 

According to the Instagram odds, it is devised that when a person shares their life goals and motive of the page with the audience, then the chances of increasing the engagement is very high. People like the fact very much when a person gives a personalized touch to their page. When you are laying down the strategy for the growth of your instagram followers and receive new engagement, you must add some of your stories and parts of your journey on the page. It will motivate the people who are a part of your page.

Write longer and interesting captions 

The captions you write down on your instagram post also matter a lot and are an important factor in increasing your engagement on the instagram platform. If you write smaller captions, then the time a person will spend on your post will be very less, and also, they will not find it interesting. On the other hand, if you create suspense in the post and continue it in a large and interesting caption, the people will surely read it.

Due to this sharing rate, your post also increases, which is relatively proportional to your engagement.

Post at the best time 

There is a timing at which the instagram followers of yours will be at the peak. You can easily get this information about your followers from the instagram analytics tools that every business and page can check. Now when your active followers are 5-7 pm, and you will make a post in the morning, then your post will not be visible to your followers. This is the major reason why most of the pages around the globe are unable to gain engagement.

That is why you must schedule your posts according to your followers’ active timing so that it may automatically post when your followers are active.

Video is the future of content 

Out of all the content, the video content is the most lovable and viewed. People find it easy to learn and enjoy through the videos instead of reading a long text. That is why it would be best for you and your business to regularly produce some of the video content, which can communicate your thoughts properly. It will be good for the whole growth of your instagram followers and engagement.


There are ways through which an Instagram account can gain some engagement. The engagement is the best reward that the audience can provide to an Instagram account. If you feel like that any account is making efforts in making the content, they get connected with them and share their content. By this, the creator will put more effort, and you will also get a chance to get fed by the great content.