Why You Should Buy Soundcloud Plays to Help Boost Your Listens

Soundcloud Plays

So you have signed up for SoundCloud, posted a good amount of decent quality tracks, spent time promoting them on social media, tagging them, getting feedback to check the quality is okay and spent more time listening to other people’s music and leaving comments to establish you were there – and you still can’t seem to attract more than a handful of plays from people you don’t actually know!

This is a frustrating experience for sure, but it does happen. It isn’t a reflection on your musical ability or a sign that you shouldn’t be promoting yourself on this platform – it’s actually all about logistics. There are thousands of musicians battling to be seen and heard, some are well known so they have an obvious advantage, others are very well established with lots of fans on the site so they are sitting pretty too.

Where things get tricky is when people who are quite new to SoundCloud are trying to get noticed. After all, nobody can play your tracks if they simply don’t know you exist – so you need to take action to change things, and the easiest and perhaps the most useful thing to do is buy some fake plays.

Buying SoundCloud plays improves your SEO status

Paying for people to listen to your songs is useful because once those viewing numbers start to go up your work is much more likely to be noticed Social sharing platforms are built around the concept of promoting things which your peers have judged as interesting – and this is measured by factors such as content which is liked, watched, commented on or shared.

Buying SoundCloud plays validates the quality of your work

It’s an inescapable fact that many people do judge tracks by the views they have. Something which was posted a while ago and has hardly any views is inevitably seen as suspicious, while decent viewing numbers suggest it must be something worth listening to. Boosting your pay numbers is likely to give you the social proof which attracts attention; although of course the real viewers have to have something worth listening to once they do find you.

Higher play numbers increase the chance of you getting noticed by promoters

Promoters react in a similar or even harsher way to regular listeners, as they won’t even spare a second look at artists without impressive play numbers. They assume that these represent musicians who being popular therefore have an established fan base, and have proven they can grow a respectable following.

They will consequently assume you don’t need a terrible lot of work to be launched onto even greater things, gaining you more organic fans and listens along the way. The same principle applies to booking local, small scale gigs; it’s so much easier if you have those views.

The takeaway is that buying SoundCloud plays can definitely improve your organic listener numbers and boost them, so long as you use it to spark growth, and continue to produce great music and promote it widely.

Image Credits: Soundcloud Plays from Nobelus /Shutterstock