SHAREit VS. Xender – Which is better and Why?

best app for sharing files between mobile devices

“Sharing is Caring”, is a famous phrase which indicates sharing with others is a common human trait. Today, technology is enabling sharing and making it an easy process.  With the help of messengers and application like SHAREit, Xender etc sharing is easier, faster, reliable and secure.

In this article, we will compare the two most popular and best ways to send a file between mobile devices. In this comparison, we will run you through the advantages and disadvantages of using SHAREit & Xender, and we will also see which application is better in each scenario.

To wrap up, we will also choose a winner so that you can use our analysis to download the one single app for all your file transfers needs.

1. Cross-Sharing Platform: Both Applications have cross platform capabilities, which means you can transfer files between different operating systems – Android, iOS, Windows OS, Computer, Tablets, etc.

Cross-Sharing Platform

Winner: Both

2. Transfer Speed: While both the applications are quite fast, SHAREit speed of 20M/s is way better than the actual speed of Xender. I used both the Apps to test a 1GB file from an Android to Android phone. The results were quite clear as Xender took almost twice the time for the transfer.

Transfer Speed

Winner: SHAREit

3. Network Restrictions: Both the Applications don’t need the external connection to transfer files, they require just the Wi-Fi direct connection to transfer the data

Winner: Both

4. Batch Sharing: While Xender allows you to share files with 4 devices at a time, but there is no limit number of devices for SHAREit, this means using SHAREit, you can send files to many devices simultaneously in a single file transfer command.

Batch Sharing

Winner: SHAREit

5. Battery Saving: Both the applications are optimized to transfer files, but when it comes to sharing larger files, SHAREit is faster and hence, it saves your precious battery life. Whereas, Xender transfer speed is lower when compared to SHAREit. This means the transfer process takes longer and the battery consumption is higher.

Winner: SHAREit

6. Number of Downloads and Reviews: Although this is not a technical comparison, the number of downloads gives you an idea about the popularity quotient of both the Applications. SHAREit has more number of active users when compared to Xender. The popularity feature increases its usage and hence drives more reliable downloads.

We can see SHAREit got 4.6 stars out of 5 on Google Play, while Xender 4.4 stars.

Winner: SHAREit

7. Interface and Design: Both the applications have a good visual design and interactive interface. When compared, one will find it easier to use SHAREit over Xender. It has an intuitive interface that makes it more usable and reliable.

Interface and Design

Winner: SHAREit

Also, a recent update on SHAREit, is the new SHARE ZONE, that enables the users to follow friends, check real-time updates in your share zone. The best part is that you do not need to be connected to the internet to access the Share Zone. The Share Zone helps you to communicate with your friends in the most efficient manner


In light of the above comparisons, I would suggest an active file -transfer user to install and use SHAREit. However, one should always keep themselves updated with the new features, similar applications in the same space to take an informed decision.

I would recommend SHAREit for sharing files in 2017. Do let us know, which app is better based on your experience.