Shareit The Faster Way To Share Content

With 300 million customers, Shareit is transforming into a renowned option for customers looking for faster and more secure ways to deal with share content.

SHAREit is our free record-sharing application that gets reports across different stages and working systems without an Internet or Bluetooth affiliation. 

All That One Requirements About Shareit 

You can present SHAREit on contraptions running Windows (XP, 7+, Desktop and Phone), Android (2.1+), and iOS (6.0+). SHAREit can move any size chronicles, sight and sound, and applications between them. 

What Do You Mean By Shareit? How Might One Utilize It? 

Here is the means by which to use SHAREit to send content on different occasions, speedier than Bluetooth and safer than the cloud or USB. 

Send Files Without A Network Connection 

SHAREit fills in as a dispersed exchange and interfaces contraptions through the Wi-Fi radio to send and get reports. 

The application can manage most customers’ record sharing prerequisites: Fast record move – Large-sized substance sends immediately. Secure sending – Files are saved clearly onto the contraption, not in the cloud. 

Can share for all intents and purposes any plan – TXT, HTML, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF reports, blended media (photos, accounts, music), envelopes, and applications 

Suitable With Windows 10 

Available in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese, and Russian 

Tips To Using SHAREit 

Contraptions with SHAREit presented “see” one another and are discoverable inside an extent of around 100 feet. 

To send records, select your contraption as the sender then, natural, or examine archives. Your contraption searches and jumps up images for adjoining customers.

At the point when sent, the recipient recognizes archives, and they’re saved in the contraption’s Downloads envelope and in My Files inside SHAREit. Photos consistently save inside your Photos envelope. 

Plan these settings on the two devices for SHAREit to work suitably: The two contraptions have SHAREit presented and running during move. Select a substitute positions as sender and recipient Guarantee the far off radios are on Set a confirmation interest before getting records Assurance that a Wi-Fi card is presented on your contraption 

Need to grant content to partners who aren’t on SHAREit? Use the Invite Friends part to send an email with a SHAREit download interface. 

View the assistance page for additional information on setting up and using SHAREit, and make sure to give your contribution to the SHAREit User Voice conversation. 


Should LenovoDev offer an API or SDK for SHAREit? Give us your perspective in this brief review.

SHAREit is one of a couple of Lenovo Droit applications, including REACH it and WRITE it. Follow Shareit on Facebook and Twitter for invigorates.

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