Sex apps to use while on quarantine

Sex apps

This 2020 year got us all shocked from the very beginning and keeping on our toes till the present day. While the entire world is closing its counties day by day due to the virus disaster spreading, we as humans still have our needs. We have no idea what to do at home, especially those who used to be outside as much as possible. And since we all need to be entertained, companies all over the world have decided to participate. Because doctors all over the globe suggest for us to be less in physical contact, those same organizations took all that they have to offer and brought up online only. Thanks to technologies, we still have our phones, laptops, and WiFi connection. 

The most worldwide famous museums opened its doors online; 1000 online courses went free of charge, and hundreds of other different activities that are encouraging people to stay home and get busy. 

Although something is missing. Mostly for single people who stuck at home with their families or alone and isolated. The tension that is build up can get enormous, and we need to find a way to release it. Porn is cool, but another human is still more entertaining than any porn in the world. This is where sexting is getting handy. 

Sexting is the perfect way to get tension release without touching anyone but yourself and still be connected to another person virtually. If you happened to have someone you like and in contact with, you can slowly pursue the sexting, especially, if you have never had it with this person or never tried sexting at all. 

No worries, if you don’t have anyone at all. That can be fixed. To quickly find awesome sexting partners, you should check on the Pure application. After a quick registration, you will connect with like-minded people in your area for an unforgettable sexting experience. You won’t need to be all around the topic, and with ethical habits, you can be as straightforward as you want and jump into that without any hesitation. The app is awesome, and then once all the madness ends, there is still a chance you might connect again and get down to more personal and physical business. 

If you had never tried sexting before or did for a couple of times, but somehow it all went wrong, it’s okay. During times like now, we all need a little bit of guidance on how to start sexting. 

Of course, first of all, you should declare that you and another person are on the same page. You can either go slowly into the conversation, making naughty comments, or saying things that can have a double meaning, one of which is dirty. Or you can be straightforward and say something like what you wish to do right now. Both, I wish I could be next to you in bed right now, or I wish I were there to fuck you, will do just fine depending on the situation and your relationship with that person. 

Teasing is one of the keys to a good sexting session. The longer teasing – the better sexting will get. This is the exact situation where you can get freaky and open up about all possible fantasies you have and always wanted to try out. Take sexting as your safe test run. Also, do not forget to stay open-minded yourself. 

Another rule for sexting — keep it short. Remember, you are both horny and want to keep that game going. So if you would write ten paragraphs about what you want to do, that might be a buzz kill for both of you. Keep it simple, and then both of you will get equal time to participate in your sexy dialog and make each other reach the peak of pleasure. Again, on a safe distance. 

Be smart with your media that you exchange to splice things up. Try to never send your naked body together with your face in the same photo. No matter how much you might trust the person you are sexting with — keep your body and your face separated. 

Besides, remember one thing. Once you are done with all the nasty — wash your hands for twenty seconds like recommended.

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