How to Send an Anonymous Text, Let’s Explore

How to send an anonymous text while communicating in an increasingly virtual community can be fun and daunting at the same time, is an interesting topic to understand.

Mostly, people love to cherish anonymity, but it is a hard thing to retain. In case you wish to send a text, but want to remain anonymous, there are various ways to get that. Read on the following article to get to know – how to send an anonymous text.

Methods : How to Send an Anonymous Text

  • Using An E-mail Account
  • Using An iPhone App
  • Using An Android App
  • Using Web-Based Anonymous Text Messaging Sites

How to Send an Anonymous Text : Using An E-mail Account

Create a new e-mail account. Choose a completely new e-mail provider Google, Yahoo, etc. to set up a new e-mail account without personal information.

Get person’s phone number. Ensure to find out and confirm the phone number of the person. You will require person’s phone number as part of e-mail address.

Discover the person’s carrier. The person you wish to text has a phone carrier, like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Metro PCS, or others. To find person’s phone carrier, you can ask contact directly, or try at look-up sites: https://www.carrierlookup.com

Combine contact’s phone number with phone carrier e-mail. Try to create an e-mail that will reach the person’s phone, not e-mail account. Simply fill in the person’s phone number without hyphens or spaces, and choose the following e-mail templates for specific carrier:

AT&TSMS: 10digitphonenumber@txt.att.net
MMS: 10digitphonenumber@mms.att.net
T-MobileSMS/MMS: 10digitphonenumber@tmomail.net
VerizonSMS: 10digitphonenumber@vtext.com
MMS: 10digitphonenumber@vzwpix.com
SprintSMS: 10digitphonenumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com
MMS: 10digitphonenumber@pm.sprint.com
Metro PCSSMS/MMS: 10digitphonenumber@mymetropcs.com
Virgin Mobile10digitphonenumber@vmobl.com

Compose a new e-mail from new e-mail account. Log into new e-mail account and compose a new e-mail. Enter the person’s phone number and corresponding e-mail address in the addressee line. Tap Send. To create e-mail with more like an actual text message, leave the Subject line blank.
Contact will receive an anonymous text.

How to Send an Anonymous Text Communicating : Using An iPhone App

Select an app for iPhone. Though no iPhone apps can mask real phone number, still a few apps can create a new, fake number from where to send messages. The list below provides possible apps.


Open the App Store. Go to the bottom right and tap on Search.

Type in the app of choice. Do a general search by entering Anonymous Text for different results to come up. Tap on an app of choice, tap GET, Install.

Enter Apple ID Password. After tapping Install, the system will ask to confirm password. Enter it, tap OK.

Tap Open. Log in or sign up. Tap on sign up, enter phone number. Enter real phone number to receive a text from the app with a confirmation code. After successfully registering with the app, create new, fake number or let the app to choose it randomly for you. Apps like Burner are free to download but need purchase credits to send anonymous texts.

Send your text. After setting texting app, write a message from within the app. Enter contact’s phone number, hit Send for the contact to receive an anonymous text.

How to Send an Anonymous Text : Using An Android App

Select an app for Android. There are a few options for blocking phone number yet enabling you to send texts from Android phone. Below is a list of possible options.

  • Anonytext
  • Anonymous Texting
  • Private Text Messaging
  • Anonymous SMS

Launch the Google Play Store. Tap on the Google Play icon, press three horizontal lines to the upper left side corner of screen to press on Store Home.

Tap on the search icon. Go to the top right corner to tap on the search icon. Type in the app of your choice or do a general search by entering Anonymous Text.

Choose an anonymous texting app. After selecting, tap on the app to download. Some apps are free while others are paid. Tap on Install after checking the price for the app.

Open the app. After finishing installation, open the app. Apps provide with a few free messages, while some others will charge for starting the app’s services.

Enter contact’s phone number. Tap on the option to begin texting, type in contact’s number. Write message, and Send. These are easy to use, and have a guided steps to start texting. Contact of yours will receive an anonymous text message.

How to Send an Anonymous Text : Using Web-Based Anonymous Text Messaging Sites

Choose an anonymous web-based texting site. Do a basic web search by writing criteria like Anonymous Texting or Free Anonymous Text Messaging.

Read the rules of the website. Basic rules generally prohibit you from using the service to commit fraud, stalking, or various crimes. Additional rules may include fees, frequency of use, privacy and other concerns. Free text messaging services are shutting down due to abuse. Verify the service whether it is still active and closely check the Terms of Service. Beware of their ability to track you down based on IP address. Do not use the service for something illegal or you will be caught.

Type false sender information if needed. If you required a fake number, you attach area code to a random phone number. You may choose totally fake, like 555-555-5555. Services that specialize in strictly anonymous texts need not any input for a phone number. Instead, the service will typically generate a fake number for you to be send to the contact.

Type the receiver’s phone number. Type the recipient’s full ten-digit phone number with area code. There may be a request to specify the carrier.

Write and send message. Type the message, review requirements the website may have, and tap on the Submit or Send button. The contact will receive an anonymous text.

Free texting services have character limits usually to reflect texts sent via cell phone, and they can range from 130 characters to 500 characters.