Security is Essential: Is Your Business as Secure as it Could be?


Security comes in all shapes and sizes. Each day you scroll the business news highlights, stories about security breaches of all sorts and sizes jump right off the screen and into your already busy mind. Often times, this may lead to some rash moves to change policies or hire the first outside specialist you find online.

In any business endeavor, one of the worst things you can do is jump right into any decision that is not founded on research and planning. The truth of the matter is, security for all aspects of your business is massively important. This is an area that should take many factors into consideration and involve nearly every department of your company.

One Thing Has Become So Commonplace It Can Be Deadly

You would be hard-pressed to find people all around the planet that do not own or at least have access to some sort of mobile device. It is estimated that more than 5 billion people will use mobile phones around the globe by 2019. Out of those 5 billion mobile users all over the world, how many do you think work in your company’s branches? The answer is likely quite high, especially for those in leadership and other managerial roles.

Mobile devices are used for so much more than just making phone calls. When you look at the number of emails opened on desktop, webmail, and mobile devices, those handy little gadgets account for nearly half of all emails opened. Emails are just one small section of the overall business done through mobile devices. When you add in documents, video, interweb communications, messaging, spreadsheets, and a number of other tasks, there is a ton of information related to your business at risk everytime a game is played or a photo shared.

Who Knows What?

In terms of security, it’s a smart move to keep important information and access to said information only among trusted employees. What about the actual security processes that have been implemented and any future process that may arise? Too often, a company will focus on ensuring the way they do things will keep their data secure, but the actual training of all employees to understand these processes is extremely lax.

They say a chain is only as strong as the weakest link, and when it comes to security policies and procedures, these weak links are the employees that don’t understand their role in the overall security of your business. Training and education on new and updated security measures do not have to be expensive and overly time-consuming. Keep the focus of these update training sessions precise and let each employee know what their role in the big company picture is.

You Are Never Alone

One of the largest hurdles for many companies when it comes to security is the confidence that you can do it all. In reality, it is very difficult to do anything all by yourself. You didn’t get where you are alone, and you will not be able to protect it all alone. For some of the things you need to do, research and speaking with your team leaders and department heads can be enough to come up with great solutions. For other things, such as mobile security software, infrastructure protection, and IT services, you may be better suited going to outside cybersecurity services. These companies offer highly-trained professionals that come with years of experience in handling security threats that you may not have even thought about.

This is your company and your livelihood. You’ve worked hard to amass what you have, make sure you are working hard to protect it. It takes more than just locking up doors and installing a few passwords to make sure your business is protected.