Schedule PC Maintenance in Windows 8 to Desired Time

windows 8 wallpaper

If you are regular PC user, then you must be aware of the fact that a PC needs to be maintained every now and then. De-fragmentation term has been used many a times before when your Windows machines gets slow. In this post we will show how to schedule PC maintenance in Windows 8.

Windows 8 has a habit of performing many actions in a day, like software updates, runningdiagnosticsand so on. Every maintenance has a specific time and schedule, but its possible that our PC may act slowly due to these actions, to set the action for a particular time.

When on the Startscreentype action,click settings, then Action Center. Click the arrow on the right of Maintenance and click ‘Changemaintenancesettings’.

PC maintenance in Windows 8

Choose the most suitable time of the day, when you need it to run. Also there is an option which turns off the automaticmaintenance. I will notrecommenditas to run Windows properly you need to have that turned on. But if you can remember to turn on the maintenance in every few days then you can surely turn it off.