Complete Guide to use SBI Anywhere Application on your Smartphones

Internet Banking has been that Messiah whom people have been looking for a long time. The benefits of internet banking are endless. Firstly, it doesn’t involve you visiting the nearest branch of your bank to update your passbook or to have an inquiry regarding a cheque you recently paid. Internet banking has been the pinnacle among all the banking solutions until now. Starting from transferring funds to viewing your monthly account statements, with internet banking every task is a few clicks away. Along with that, the introduction of smartphones has played an even broader role in internet banking.

Smartphones are smart due to the powerful applications they run. SBI anywhere in that case is an intelligent application introduced by the most renowned bank of the country. The blog covers all the necessary information required for a first time user of the anywhere app and the things he/she has to go through to enable the application for daily usage. However, there is no complication involved in the registration process, but for the first-time user’s things can turn out a little bit difficult.

So this SBI anywhere Guide from financesrule is going to make things easier for you. Follow each step carefully to have a hassle-free registration process.

How to Register for SBI Internet Banking?

A lot of account holders doesn’t care about the internet banking facility available from the bank while opening their account. Everyone should enjoy the benefits that internet banking has in offer. It is extraordinarily convenient to transfer funds anytime on the go without visiting the nearest branch of the bank in that case.

  • For the ones who have an account at SBI and didn’t register themselves for the internet banking feature, this is how you can do it.
  • Visit your nearest branch and apply for internet banking.
  • At the application form make sure to tick the Transaction Rights check box.
  • The bank will provide you an internet banking kit which will have your initial log-in credentials for the online account.
  • Visit and click on personal banking.
  • You have to log-in with the credentials provided in the net banking kit and change the username and password as soon as your online account opens for the first time.

Step-by-Step Guide for SBI Anywhere User

Before heading straight out to the registration process, letís first understand the SBI Anywhere application. It is a rendition and a mobile version of the bigger and more complex internet banking platform from State Bank of India.

At the same time, a user who is interested in using the anywhere application has to be first an online banker at As the username and the password for both the website and mobile version of the internet banking facility from State Bank will be the same. Hence, having access to your account is a must to use the SBI Anywhere application.

Step 1: SBI Anywhere Installation

  • SBI Anywhere is available on both PlayStore and AppStore, where all the Android and the iOS device has support to the internet banking application.
  • Download and install the application on your smartphone.
  • After the downloading is over, follow the instructions mentioned in Step 2.

Step 2: SBI Anywhere Registration Process

  • Existing users of SBI’s Internet banking facility already has the online log-in credentials which will activate the application in the device.
  • Existing Mobile banking users can also set-up the anywhere application with the mobile banking log-in credentials.
  • New users have to register for Online SBI using a simple user-driven registration which will be available in the application itself.

Step 3: Activation Process

To enjoy the benefits from the application, a user has to complete a onetime process which will activate the same on his/her phone.

  • Firstly, click on Register.
  • Existing user can click on ‘Existing Internet Banking user’ or ‘Existing Mobile Banking user’ if you are already enrolled and have an account at OnlineSBI or Mobile Banking in that case.
  • Enter the log-in credentials of your OnlineSBI/Mobile Banking and click on submit.
  • Accept the terms and conditions displayed on-screen.
  • After accepting you will be redirected to the registration page.
  • Enter the One Time Password you received on your registered mobile number in the space provided.
  • Click on submit.
  • The activation process is now complete.

If you are a new user, select that option in the application to register yourself for the internet banking services and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Final Words

Now that you have come across all the things you need to do before you are all ready to use the SBI Anywhere app on your phone, it will hardly take few minutes for you to set it up. Clearly remember that only an SBI user who has an online net banking account can use the application.