How to Save Money and Buy More on Ebay – 25 Tricks

If you want to save money and buy more from eBay, then we are here to give you loads of tips for this. We have selected some of the best ways for saving your money.
It can become easier to you for bargain on eBay if you have knowledge of some tips and how to use those tricks.

Here is the list of some best way that we have found for you.

1.    Find out what others paid

If you can see the similar auctions that have played out recently, then you can easily be able to find out the going rate for the item that you want to bid. At a quick look at this information you just need to adjust the advanced search settings to ‘sold listings’ and sort it by price. This advanced search setting will help you to get a list of recent auctions and the winning bids too. By this, you will able to see what you need to aim when you are making your maximum bid.

2.    Seek out local bargains

Sellers who want to sell bulky items like the furniture they mostly list their item as ‘collection only’. These listings offer you an excellent way to grab a bargain. As they attract less auction from other buyers. You can filter your search for this purpose, by just including ‘collection only’ in advanced search settings. If you are going to pick your item by yourself, then you need to make sure that you stay safe. You can go with a friend or let people know where you are going. Take your mobile phone with you also.

3.    Cash in on spelling blunders

Lots of careless sellers send their posting lists on eBay that hold spelling mistakes. These misspelled items draw only fewer bids because they do not appear in searches.
Websites like BargainChecker, BayCrazy, FatFingers, Goofbid, and eBay help you for mis-spelling combinations and to find a bargain too. For example using BargainChecker we found that 419 listings had misspelled PlayStation. Playstaion, Playsation, and Plastation were common errors.

4.    Exploit other slip ups

Some sellers not only make spelling mistakes but also forget to provide significant details such as – brand, clothing, dimensions and many more. You can contact these sellers to find out the information that are not provided. You can contact them directly. As, if you ask a question through a listing, then it will become easier for the seller to make it noticeable to other buyers too.

5.    Take advantage of overlooked items

Many sellers start their auctions at 99p or less. As they hope that a bidding war will become breaking out. However, this strategy does not work always. You can check this kind of postage. However, you have to take care of that you are getting a good deal.

6.    Use sniping tools to win auctions

If you want to win the bid, then there is a sniping tool that will help you to win at the final moment. This tool will place a bid in the last few seconds automatically before the end of an auction. Moreover, it does not leave time for the other buyers to fight back.
Gixen and Goofbid both provide a sniping tool for free. For this, you need to sign up and, enter the eBay item number and the maximum price that you are wanted to pay for that particular product. Before signing up, you need to make sure that your password should be different to the passwords you use for your other accounts for a safety measure.

7.    Seek out auctions ending late

You can get a bargain at at anti-social hours. For this, you can use BayCrazy’s Night Time Bargain tool. If you do not wake for late hours at the night,  then combine it with a sniping website. It will do bidding when you are sleepy.

8.    Set alerts for your most wanted

If you are searching something that is hard to find that is not available on eBay currently. Then you can set an alert for it. So that you will get the notification when that item arrives. For this purpose, you need to type the name of a product in the search bar. After then click ‘follow this search’.

9.    Watch items you want

You can also add items to a search to look at the list of how bidding takes place before making a move. eBay offers you a reminder facility before the auction ends. So that you can make up your mind closer the time.

10.    Get the app

When you are out from eBay, then also you can keep on tracking the items that you have watched, you are bidding on or also make new bids. This app is available for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows phones.

11.    Don’t give up on lost auctions

If you have outbid and lost an auction then also do not give up. You can contact the seller by email to remind them that you are also willing to buy the item. So that if the sale falls they can choose you as a second chance offer.

12.    Go a bit pence over your max bid

Mostly people prefer to bid for an item in a round figure. However, if you go a few pence over your limit, then you will able to improve the chances of winning the auction. Such as – Bidding £30.03 means you are outbidding the person that has set the limit at £30.00.

13.    Improve your search

You can improve your eBay searches by searching the description of the item. For this, you need to open advanced search option and after that select the ‘title and description’ option to boost your search results. This also offers help to those sellers who have forgotten to use key brand sizes,  dimensions or names in the title but have included them in the description.

14.    Take a look at feedback

All eBay sellers have a feedback rating that you can use to guide yourself as how trustworthy sellers are.

15.    Trawl ‘Buy it Now’ listings

If you do not want the irritation of bidding and cannot wait for the end of an auction. Then, you can search an item through filtering the list for the product as per their feature. After that, you can select ‘Buy it Now’ option. If you order a product that is most recently listed on eBay, then you will able to spot items at a cheap rate and can bag them before anyone else gets a chance.

16.    Make an offer

Some products on eBay are available on fixed price at ‘Buy it Now’ items. These products are listed with a ‘Best Offer’ option. This provides the opportunity of putting forward a figure to buyers that they would be willing to pay. After that, the seller can decide to go for that or not. You can use ‘Goofbid’s Best Offer’ that will help you to make an educated guess on what a seller is likely to accept. When you enter the seller’s username, you will able to see the items best offers and the average discount they are offering.

17.    Haggle for a better price

If there is a product that does not have any best offer option. Then, also you can contact the buyer to see if they can provide any bargain on the price. For contacting a seller, you need to click on ‘ask a question’ and then make your move.

18.    Look out for delivery charges

You should always give your notice on the cost of delivery. As there are some sellers, increase their income by charging a bit more than needed for a delivery purpose. However, eBay is trying to crack down this loophole.

19.    Browse ‘other’ categories

Some people list their product in another category. That is why they receive fewer bids as compare to others. So it is worth browsing through it to get a good sort of bargain.

20.    Watch out for fakes

Still eBay has a strict policy to check the counterfeit goods of sellers. However, some sellers knock-offs get through. Frequent fakes are Mulberry Handbags, Ray-Ban sunglasses, and Ugg boots. To avoid the wastage of money you can look at seller’s feedback.

21.     Avoid private deals

Some sellers prefer an outside deal of eBay. However, if you obey this, then there is fewer chances of protection.

22.    Expand your search

If you expand your search, you might be able to grab a good sort of a bargain. For these auctions, you need to select ‘worldwide’ in advanced search options. You can directly head to the international eBay site also. Moreover, you need to check that the seller ships worldwide or not and also the postage fees before bidding.

23.    Know your rights

You get the same fundamental rights from eBay ‘business seller’ that you get from a shop when you buy a product. So both for new and second-hand items it must be described, fit for purpose and of a satisfactory quality.
•    On eBay’s buyer protection, it is applied under the law that the product should be reasonably described, and the owner should have a right to sell it.

24.    Complain within 30 days

If there is any problem with the product that you have purchased, then you can make a complaint within 30 days of the delivery date.

25.    Use PayPal

PayPal is the safest way to pay for your purchases on eBay. Because, in this you are covered by eBay’s Money Back Guarantee. If there is an item that turns out to be counterfeit or faulty, then you can get a refund as well.

If you use all these tricks then surely able to save money and can do extra purchasing.