Leaked Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: Pics display less Noticeable Crease

We got a look at what the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 could look like in a set of unofficial renders last month, but now we have leaked images of what appears to be the physical device.

The illustrations match the premature renders and give us a closer look at the device’s display crease, which examines almost nonexistent.

One image shows the device’s display when it’s flipped open, and you can catch a slight glare where the crease would typically emerge. Again, it looks hardly noticeable, but it is challenging to tell what the crease will look like when considered from just one angle.

You can see the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s crease when you tilt the phone correctly. “It’s not a problem in normal use,” and it’s straightforward to forget once you get used to the device. Samsung is rumored to further improve the crease in its upcoming phone, but we’ll likely have to wait until we bring our hands on the device to see how prominent it is.

Just like the renders, the leaked photos of the apparent Galaxy Z Flip 4 show a device resembling its predecessor, featuring a two-tone color scheme, dual cameras, and a hole-punch cutout for the selfie camera. While the hinge appears slightly thinner, there’s still a slight gap between the two sides of the device when it’s folded closed.

The device comes with the same 12-megapixel main and ultrawide cameras and a 10MP selfie camera, which is a bit disappointing if true one of the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s most significant weaknesses was its camera quality. The upcoming device could come with a larger 3700mAh battery and an upgraded 25W fast-charging capability.

In August, Samsung will likely reveal both the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and its horizontally-folding counterpart, the Z Fold 4.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 turned out to be an absolute hit. It had a lot going for it. People couldn’t get enough of the device, from the intelligent design to the powerful performance and unique form factor. Its lowered price tag also created it very attractive to customers. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 will take the wand from this exceptional device. Samsung needs to make significant improvements that further boost the status of its clamshell foldable. But, the expectations are high, and the company might deliver.

Design: The Galaxy Z Flip 4 will keep the signature clamshell foldable form factor. Samsung may further improve the fit and finish of the device. Expect an aluminum body with a sleek glass back. Samsung’s decision to opt for a dual-tone design was a hit with the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Seeing that being retained for this year’s clamshell foldable would be great. The new device may well be water-resistant like its predecessor.

Specifications: The Galaxy Z Flip 4 will offer flagship-level performance with the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+ chipset. There may be at least 8GB of RAM on board and storage options of up to 256GB. We don’t anticipate to see the MicroSD card slot making a return. A bigger battery will be much appreciated. The predecessor has a 3,300mAh battery with a 15W charging speed. A bump in both the capacity and the charging rates is undoubtedly required. The device may also have a home button-mounted fingerprint sensor like the earlier model.

Display: There’s no word yet if Samsung plans to expand the size of the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s cover display. If it does decide to make it larger, customers will appreciate that. The internal 6.7-inch foldable display is likely going to retain its size. It may get a coating of Samsung’s new Super UTG material for increased durability.

Camera: The cameras were a bit lacking on the Galaxy Z Flip 3, so much so that many fans think that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 will fail if Samsung doesn’t offer better cameras. Fingers crossed that it does indeed do that. While Samsung introduced its under-display camera technology last year, it stays to be seen whether this will be utilized for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 in 2022.

Software and Features: The Galaxy Z Flip 4 will dispatch Android 12 out of the box. In addition, a new One UI version may be on board, getting minor software upgrades. This device will also be eligible to obtain four Android OS upgrades.

Availability and Price: Its predecessor was unveiled in August last year. That’s the timeframe we expect for the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Samsung’s decision to reduce the price to $999 for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 did wonders for its sales performance. Hopefully, the company will keep it at the same price, even if it doesn’t decide to reduce it further.