SalesHandy Review – A tool for email marketers and successful campaigns

Have you ever carried out an email campaign for your business but ended up with a high bounce rate and less number of people replying or responding to your emails? Well, if your answer is yes, then you are among most of the businesses which face similar issues with their email campaigns.

Wouldnít you want to send automated emails to your recipient list and even remind them with a follow-up email to consider your offering in case they didnít respond the first time?

What if we tell you that you can achieve all this by pre-planning your follow-up emails and response emails?

And how about sending scheduled emails? Ever wondered if there is one single answer to all these questions?

Well, welcome to Saleshandy. It is an application that provides you the capability to track your emails, schedule them, document tracking, and mail merge along with performing auto follow-up with the availability of email templates. You can schedule your email campaigns depending on your knowledge of when most of the recipients will open the email. This boosts your businessís sales productivity as it allows you to reach out and engage with your potential customers in an organized way and helps you achieve a higher rate of conversion. This application allows the sales representatives to get in touch with interested leads, convert them, and hence lead to an increase in revenues. It also assists them to execute a variety of marketing strategies and figure out which one delivers the best result so that they can follow the best one.

Now letís talk about its features in detail. We would start with a brief overview of Email Tracking, Email Templates, Email Scheduling, and document tracking but our major focus will be on the feature named Mail Merge with Auto Follow-Up.

So, letís begin our review.

  1. Email Tracking (free for everyone)

It provides you the information on whether your email is opened by the recipient or not. You can also check the number of times your email has been opened by the recipient. It informs you about which recipients have replied to you and helps you in marking the important emails. In case you donít wish to receive any more updates from a particular recipient then you can mute the conversation too. It also provides you the analytics related to sent emails, opened emails, replied ones and other statistics.

  1. Email Templates
email templates

We all get frustrated to right the same emails to all of our recipients especially when it comes to sending a large volume of emails. In this case, you can utilize the email template feature of this application.† It saves you time by avoiding writing repetitive emails. When it comes to mail merge with auto follow-ups, you can create a follow-up email template that would be sent to get a follow-up from recipients. In case your team is sending similar emails, then you can share the templates too. You can also measure the success rate of your templateís performance with the analytics involved.

  1. Email Scheduling (free for everyone)
email schedule

With this feature, you can schedule your email to be sent at some other time. This allows you the flexibility to send the emails at the right time as per your knowledge of the recipientís convenience. If you and your recipient are in different time zones, then this feature is a great solution to your scheduling problem. You can select the time, date and time zone to send the email. After scheduling your emails, you can have an overview of all the scheduled emails through the dashboard.

  1. Document Tracking
document tracking

If you send any document with your email, then it is great to know about the details of the status of the document being read. With this feature, you can analyze which document is performing better and engaging with the recipients. It allows you to get an overview of the engagement level of your document with the recipients. For salespeople, this is a great tool as it allows them to capture leads by means of document sharing. In case you wish to know more about document seeing page analytics, then you can get a detailed report of it.

  1. Mail Merge with Auto Follow-Up

Well, this is the main feature of this application. If you wish to send emails to many recipients and keep those reminding who havenít opened your email, then you will love this feature. First, you have to create an email campaign by going to email section of the dashboard. Now you can upload a CSV file containing emails of the recipients. You can send personalized emails to up to 200 individuals. Type in the subject of the message and compose your email. Now you can add follow-up emails to the previous email. These follow-up emails will be sent to the recipient according to their response.  You can also personalize your email from your uploaded CSV file.

Now comes the follow-up stages. It comprises of three main sections: ďnot openedĒ, ďnot repliedĒ and ďbeen sentĒ. You can now set up various stages according to the response of the recipients. If the recipient hasnít opened your previous email, then you can automate an email on stage 1 to be sent as per your scheduled time interval and date. This allows you to schedule your message with right time duration so that it doesnít appear as spam. With follow-up emails, you can also schedule according to the likeliness of when the email would be opened. The follow-up messages can be sent up to ten stages. You can select the three conditions which were mentioned above.

You can now get a detailed report of who has opened the email or not. You can also know who has clicked on the link, in case you have mentioned any link in your email. It allows you to keep track on who has replied to your emails. In case you have sent any attachments with your email, you can know who has opened up the attachment.

Auto Follow-up emails increase your email response. As mentioned earlier, you can set up to ten stages based on the before-mentioned trigger conditions. You are also provided with the facility to personalize your automated follow-up emails with up to nine custom mail merge fields. You can send an auto follow-up email in the same thread of the previous emails which appears to be the reply of the previous message.

Auto follow up

In case you wish to keep your colleague or team member in the loop about the email campaign, then you can also cc and bcc them. Depending on the response at each stage, you can get a detailed report about who has opened or replied to the email. This allows you to keep a check on the auto-response emails and target those who havenít opened up your emails. The auto-response email may get opened up if it manages to remind the recipient of your message which then can lead to a reply. Thus, in this way, an auto follow-up message allows you to get a better response from your recipient list. It allows you to check the bounce rate of your email. It provides you with information about a number of emails that have failed or not been delivered along with providing the exact reason for the same.

If you have mentioned any link in your message, then you can also get the information about how many times your link has been opened. This link tracking allows you to measure the efficiency of your campaign too. Admin is allowed to see the mail merge campaigns and made subsequent changes as per needed. With each campaign, you can check the status and statistics related to various stages. You get an overview of the data associated with the number of recipients, bounce rate, etc.

Auto follow-ups have many benefits. It allows you to keep the conversation alive and on track with your recipients even if they are inactive. Since Saleshandy handles the automated follow-up system until you get a reply, you donít have to manage anything manually. Auto follow-up allows you to constantly remind your recipients about your offering until they reply. This increases the chance of them responding to your email and hence can become a possible lead. This helps your sales representatives to convert these leads and generate revenues.

Auto follow-up is a unique feature offered by Saleshandy that is unmatched. It automates the entire process of constantly reaching out to your potential clients without you having to spend time doing it manually.


Saleshandy is a unique product that can certainly make a huge difference in your business. It can help you to improve your marketing strategies and the efficiency of your sales representatives. It can certainly assist you in compiling emails and follow-up emails to reach out to a maximum number of possible leads. With features like Email tracking and Email templates, you get the entire picture of your email delivery statistics as well as saving time from writing the same email manually, over and over again. With Email scheduling, you get the flexibility to send the emails as per your wish, according to the likeliness of it being opened by the recipient.

But most importantly mail merge with auto follow-ups makes a significant impact. It makes it possible to manage follow-up emails automatically and hence allows you to maximize your email response rate. It provides you the option to send multiple follow-up emails so that you can convince and constantly remind your recipient about your offering which increases the chance of lead generations.

With all these features, Saleshandy is quite a useful application. If you wish to boost your businessís efficiency and productivity, then try this. It will certainly affect your lead generation, conversions, the efficiency of sales representatives, and higher revenues.

So, what do you feel about our review? Do you think we have answered all the questions regarding SalesHandy? Kindly let us know your views and opinions and mention them in the comment section below.