Why Safe Usage of I.T is needed today more than ever before


The risk of security while using new technology is always there, but with some basic understanding and few easy guidelines you can make it all simple and quick.

There is no doubt that the banking sector has tremendously flourished within the past few years and online banking systems have improved a lot. Banks like SBI have shown great responsibility in keeping up with the current online transaction trends and they have also shared incredible campaigns like #SBIComputerSecurityDay to keep everyone aware of how you can be misguided by wrong people.

On social media, as well @TheOfficialSBI has provided so many examples of how to keep yourself safe from all kind of nuisance and phishing. Below are few instances that you should keep in mind while doing transactions from any banking site, shopping websites and local stores.

There are three main channels that pose a security risk if you are not aware of what is to be done.

  1. Using Debit Cards
  2. Phishing Calls
  3. Internet Banking Channel

As per using your credit and debit cards just remember not to share any your ATM Pin. Never keep your PIN easy like 1111, 1212 etc. Keep changing ATM pins at regular intervals. Keep your card close to you, never handover it to a waiter at restaurant without being present at his side. Prevent using Public W-FI for your banking transactions. Do not share any information about motherís maiden name or petís name etc. since these security questions are very common and can be used to reset your password.

Phishing Calls are increasing day by day, and people that mean harm to you may ask you for sensitive data, that you should never share. Anything related to your financial transactions online should never be discussed on phone calls with random callers.

Finally, internet baking is easy to keep safe with stronger passwords and you should not use Public Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi at Coffee shops and Airports. Make sure your mobile number is registered with your bank and you have been getting SMS alerts regularly. Always logout from a bank site properly and keep a detailed check of your transaction history.

With all these small details, you can keep your money safe digitally and remember that you are the one who is responsible for your own mistakes. Tracking your money online is easy, still mistakes like the ones mentioned above can be dangerous and must be prevented. Like road safety is required while commuting, similarly people need to be cautious of transacting online. I hope you must have found this article useful, do share your comments and feedback.