Safe and Secure: How to Set Up Your Home Office Effectively

Business woman working on laptop from home office

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the number of companies who have switched to remote working has increased dramatically. Although we are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel with the advent of a vaccine, it doesnt seem like we will stop working from home anytime soon. The freedom and flexibility that comes with remote working has in turn caused a boost in productivity levels. The home office is here to stay, here is how you can set up yours effectively.

If your job mainly focuses on working from home, it is worthwhile to invest in a practical home office space. Having a separate room in the house that is completely dedicated to working will help you separate your work time from your leisure time. Here you can set up all of your essentials such as a printer, one or two monitors, your computer, and office supplies. Even if you cannot convert an entire room to your office, try to find a space in your home for a large desk and ergonomic office chair. This will seriously boost your productivity levels and working from a sturdy position will also help avoid any repetitive strain injuries.

When you are designing your office space, look for a desk that is an appropriate height and try to include as much natural light as possible. South-facing windows are the best possible option as they receive the most amount of light, even in the winter months. Having proper lighting can help stimulate productivity and will avoid you straining your eyesight. If you cannot work solely with the natural light, we recommend purchasing an LED task light with temperature settings. If you do choose to set up your office near a window, make sure to install blinds of curtains so that potential intruders cannot see through into your office. For maximum security, the best option is to install a home security system like the ones featured on Vivint.

Other tips to consider when creating your home office include adding vibrant pops of color. Make this space your own, add some indoor plants to help bring a bit of nature inside. Plants have been proven to increase the purification of the air and increase productivity levels. Rubber tree, aloe, and bamboo palm are all great indoor plants for the office. Dont over clutter your office space as keeping a clean desk will help you focus. A great add-on for any home office is a whiteboard or cork board.

The health crisis has definitely turned our world upside down. Some things have changed for the better and many things have changed for the worse. Now that employers have realized the benefits associated with working from home, it has become a highly popular way to run a business. Some individuals struggle with remote working more than others, however, once you establish a routine and set up your home office it should be much easier to get into the swing of things.