Safe and Easy Ways to Earn a Little Extra Cash

Extra Cash

If you need a little extra money to cover expenses, or if you’re saving up to make a big purchase, you may be wondering if there are easy means to make some extra cash that aren’t shady. There are tons of ads out there that claim they can help you ‘make money quick’ but the reality is that many of these end up just being scams.

So does that mean that there aren’t actually any ways to earn money quick? Not at all – here are some tips that you can use while out hunting for ways to fatten up your wallet.

Sell Gold and Silver

Right off the bat you may be thinking that you don’t have any gold and silver to sell. That’s because people often picture these precious metals in the form of large bars called bullion. The thing is you could actually have gold and silver lying around your home in the form of coins, jewellery, pocket watches, and the like.

It’s time to clear out your storage and stop by Muzeum to sell your silver and gold items that could end up actually being worth a lot of money. They offer the best prices around and do all of their evaluations right in front of you so that you know exactly how your items are being valued.

When looking at to sell jewellery, check for hallmarks that indicate the precious metal count as well as the designer or country of origin. In the case of coins, the ones dated 1967 and earlier are typically worth the most because silver was a commonly used material back then.

You can also tell if an item was made from precious metals by its weight. Silver and gold are heavy, so if you come across a hefty coin or jewellery piece, then you may just have a valuable item on your hands.

Sell Old Collectibles

If you don’t have any gold or silver, consider selling things like old video games, comic books, toys, and other collectibles like movie memorabilia. Nostalgia is hitting millennials big-time, and now that they have the money to spend they are starting to buy up items from their childhood.

There are even collectors for vinyl albums, vintage advertising signs, lunch boxes, and more. You never know when some old junk lying around the house might be worth something, so it never hurts to do a quick online search to see if there is any interest.

Other Ways to Earn Cash

What if you don’t have any junk, or own very much of anything to sell? No problem; there are other ways to earn cash, but they’re nowhere near as quick.

One idea is to take online surveys that pay between $0.50 and $1.25 and slowly make some money over time. The surveys only take about five minutes to do and new ones are constantly added. Here’s a list of places where you can take online surveys to earn cash.

Otherwise, consider getting a part time job – you could even become an Uber driver or delivery person. While not always ideal, this might just be your safest and quickest option.