Rumored Extreme Sports Apple Watch may have a Larger Screen and a ‘Strong Metal’ case

The Apple Watch Series 7 charges faster but has the same overall battery life. In addition, Apple is working on a rendition of the Apple Watch meant for “extreme sports athletes,” which will feature a larger screen and stricter design.

The sports model will feature an “about 2-inch display” with 7 percent more space than the one seen on the current 45 mm watches, and a larger battery will power it.

Apple could complete its Watch more rugged with a rubberized cover, sometimes internally called the “Explorer Edition.” Now, the plan is for a watch with a “strong metal material rather than aluminum” and a “more shatter-resistant screen.”

Apple already makes a watch with a heartier metal and screen — its stainless steel or titanium models feature a “Sapphire crystal display” approximated to the “Ion-X glass” found on the less costly aluminum models. Those watches, however, seem to be aimed at people more concerned with fashion than bombing down a trail or rock climbing; I’ve heard from stainless steel edition owners that the polished finish is very easy to scratch.

While the extreme sports version may not look as luxurious as Apple’s fancier watches, it is predicted that it’ll be priced like them, saying they’ll cost higher than $699, which is the base price of the existing stainless steel model. That’s not out of the ordinary for robust smartwatches — Garmin’s Epix 2, for instance, retails for around $900, and its Fenix 7S models begin at $700. But it and other sports watches from brands like Polar or Coros can last for days or weeks on a single charge, something current Apple Watches aren’t usually capable of. Some of Garmin’s watches also feature more grandiloquent GPS capabilities than Apple’s current crop of wearables.

Apple’s working on a new model of the Apple Watch SE, the lower-cost device released in 2020. That’s not necessarily a surprise, but it’s good to hear. Apple’s least expensive Watch, the $199 Series 3, has been seriously outdated for several years, and the company is still selling it even though the next version of watchOS won’t support it. Introducing a new SE could allow Apple to fix the awkward pricing situation at the low end of its watch lineup.

The rugged Watch, the SE, and the upcoming Series 8 models will all use a new processor that will perform similarly to this year’s chip. They’re also expected to have sensors to take your temperature.

We don’t know a possible Apple Watch SE release date yet. But after previous Apple Watch launches, we expect to see the next Apple Watch debut in September 2022. Now, will that launch only contain the Apple Watch 8? Or will we also notice the Apple Watch SE? That’s the big query posed recently. The Apple Watch SE 2 could be any three new Apple Watch renditions coming in 2022, with the Apple Watch 8 and a powerful Apple Watch variant.

Similarly, there are no credible rumors about the Apple Watch SE price. But Apple has retained the same Apple Watch price format throughout all the best Apple Watch models, so we anticipate the second-generation SE will match the original price. For example, the Apple Watch SE begins at $279 for the 40mm model before the best Apple Watch deals, with premiums for the bigger 44mm model and cellular connectivity.

The original Apple Watch SE design is an aesthetic recreation of the Apple Watch 4. Even though it doesn’t load an ECG reader, it’s still more like the Series 4 than Apple Watch 5, as there’s no always-on display.

The SE 2 will look the same as the first Watch SE, offering the exact display sizes again and only an aluminum case, a new rumor says. However, as we’ll cover below, many of the internals are getting updated.

If the Apple SE 2 Watch were to scrutinize like the Apple Watch 7, there’s a query about what will be inside. We suspect it would bring all the Apple Watch 7’s tools, like the Apple Watch Blood Oxygen app. But it should maintain sensors essential for fitness trackings, like heart rate readings and GPS.

The first Apple Watch SE also contained a compass, always-on altimeter, and fall detection, so we hope the SE 2 would, too. The exact can be said for a Cellular alternative — since the Apple Watch 3 isn’t marketed in a Cellular version anymore, the Apple Watch SE GPS + Cellular is the most reasonable mode to free an Apple Watch from any of the most suitable iPhones. That drives the Apple Watch SE a good pick for Family Setup if you want to outfit your kid or parent with a smartwatch for communication and safety controls.

The same whisper claims Apple will take the S7 chip out of the Apple Watch 7, implant it into the SE 2, and provide it with a new battery, a better display, new speakers, and an ECG sensor. It could be hard to believe the Apple Watch 8 is worth another $100, relying on what Apple changes for its next flagship wearable. While the price may rise slightly to $299, it still sounds like a great deal if all those features cause it to the SE 2.

Much of the Apple Watch’s performance is centered on watchOS. The first Apple Watch SE can be updated to watchOS 8, the latest version of Apple’s wearable software, improving the messaging options, adding support for digital keys, and welcoming the Mindfulness app. When watchOS 9 is teased at the next WWDC, we’ll better understand what the Apple Watch SE 2 experience could look like.

For now, the most oversized wishlist item for the Apple Watch SE is the Apple Watch 7’s larger display. It makes a massive difference for day-to-day use. Plus, the Apple Watch is currently marketed in three distinct designs — it would allow shoppers to squeeze, even if the SE 2 didn’t get an always-on display. We also hope the next Apple Watch SE marks the end of the Apple Watch 3. Four years later, it’s time to retire the third-generation Apple Watch. For $80 more, the Apple Watch SE is already a more substantial sell. So let the SE 2 be the sole and proper equivalent of the iPhone SE in Apple’s handset lineup.