Royal Hunting at Shangri La Casino in Minsk: 150,000 Trophies Are at Stake

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On August 24th, Shangri La casino in Minsk will host the Royal Hunting entertainment show with a total possible win of 50,000 trophies. The event organizers promise that the party in the super game honor will not leave anyone indifferent. The live music sounds, the entertaining show and drive inherent in the casino, as well as a vivid dance show and buffet, await the casino’s guests on this day.

Shangri La Casino in Minsk is a subsidiary of the previously closed casino of the same name in Moscow. Therefore, the service quality to many Russian players is familiar firsthand. The quality level is always on top. Michael Boettcher’s Storm International unit invites hunters to compete for 50,000 trophies!

Today, Shangri La casino remains one of the most progressive casinos in Minsk and has 6 The Choice of the Year award. Some of the most interesting thematic prize games are held here, as well as the biggest prizes in comparison with other casinos in Minsk, and the 24-hour good restaurant presence makes the establishment one of the best casinos in Minsk.

By the way, every Wednesday at Shangri La casino there is a special offer for players, as well as a delicious grill bar, said Darren Keane, Storm International managing director.

Shangri La Casino is currently one of the most popular casinos in Minsk and is operated by the international company Storm International, which also has casinos in Armenia, Latvia and Georgia, and previously in Russia and Kyrgyzstan. Promotions and sweepstakes at Shangri La casinos have always been an integral part of the marketing plan and are considered one of the most creative and expensive in the post-Soviet space. Here you can always enjoy an exquisite buffet table and a vibrant show program.

Also there are gaming tours in Shangri La. Junket tour is created on an all-inclusive basis. The happy buyer of the tour receives: an excellent room in one of the best hotels in Minsk, first-class food, drinks, an entertainment program in the casino (sometimes with excursions), air tickets and transfers, and even assistance in obtaining a visa.

But acquiring a similar tour in Shangri La, the guest agrees to play in a casino that organizes all the pleasures for a certain amount. Sometimes a specific amount is also stipulated, which must be spent on slot machines, roulette, card games, the minimum bets size, the number of hours that must be spent in the hall, and so on. In any case, all money spent on junket is transferred to casino chips, the rest of the services range is provided for free.

All conditions of the junket tour are known in advance, they are immediately agreed with the player. Even choosing some standard option, the guest can order additional conditions. Naturally, there are individual programs that you can discuss with your personal manager. And, of course, the more vacationers are willing to spend, the more pleasure they get.

It is possible to arrange an individual deposit or a deposit for a couple or group within one tour. The deposit amount is always paid in advance and is a participation confirmation in the junket tour. At the tour end, when all the casino conditions are met (a certain bets number are made on the games specified in the conditions), if the deposit is not fully spent (this happens when the guest win), the remaining amount is paid to the player.

During the junket tour, the visitor is a dear guest at all Shangri La Minsk casino events, can participate in closed games and receives a number of other personal bonuses. Do not miss the chance to combine your game tour and the Royal Hunting. This is a great chance to join the fight for 50,000 trophies. A true hunter will never give up hunting, joked Darren Keane, Storm International CEO!