“Rick and Morty’s” Phenomenon: Why Everybody Loves Them

Rick and Morty

“Rick and Morty” is a cartoon series about scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty. Rick is a cynical hero with strange ideas about morality. He always drags his grandson into various dubious adventures: into space, into parallel worlds, or even inside of the human body.

“Rick and Morty” is marked with absurd, surreal humor and nihilism. It is common for someone to be killed (sometimes, even for the main characters), people to be exposed as idiots and seem to emphasize the senseless nature of everything.

But this nihilism is external. While the authors of many shows on Adult Swim try to shock viewers (such as “Mr. Pickles” about a vicious dog), Harmon and Roiland tell a story about a family. Want to enjoy the series to the fullest extent, then read how to watch Rick and Morty on VPNServicePro.com.

What is “Rick and Morty”?

Formally, “Rick and Morty” is designed like a classic sitcom: the series is connected a little (although there are several important episodes through the story). Everything in one way or another returns to the status quo at the end of the episode, and the main characters are family members, like in “The Simpsons.” The series, in addition to the scientist and his grandson, features Morty’s sister Summer. There is also their father and mother, Jerry and Beth. Many conflicts within the family are quite dynamic and entertaining to watch.

It seems that Rick does everything for his selfish reasons: he often goes on crazy trips for profit – to avenge someone, to get some technology, or even to earn money. At the same time, he does everything as a real evil genius – and it’s interesting to follow. Rick deceives his enemies with crazy schemes, and for the sake of his interests, he is ready to violate moral principles.

For example, in one episode, it is revealed that to charge his spacecraft with energy. Rick created a whole micro select inside a battery whose residents work for it. But in fact, Rick often protects the family and generally puts the interests of relatives above his own. At the same time, he convinces himself that he is a cynic – and many viewers believe in it.

“Rick and Morty” is a traditional sitcom that breaks down all the standards of traditional sitcoms. Storylines are not finished logically and hung in the air. Heroes are killed and replaced with clones from parallel universes without delay. The classic sitcom structure is perverted and derided.

Old American sitcoms had a tradition of introducing new characters to raise ratings. “Rick and Morty” ingeniously turns this path upside down. Several dozens of new characters appear in one of the series. But in fact, they are alien parasites who pretend to be family members and friends, and the heroes of “Rick and Morty” cannot distinguish them from the real people.

Why Do People Love It?

The success of “Rick and Morty” is in this constant change of intonations and complex, ambiguous characters. At once, it seems to you that you watch a cartoon series about the genius, but an immoral scientist who does everything for his pleasure. But the creators of “Rick and Morty” know a secret: the main thing in any series are characters and their development. Not conspiracy theories, not shocking and strange scenes, and not even jokes. The audience, even if they do not understand it, watch any show for the sake of the development of heroes.

Family is the center of the series. Rick left his wife with his daughter Beth, and now, when Beth already has a husband and two children, he’s back. Beth doesn’t want to lose her father again, Rick clearly feels guilty, though he hides it, and Beth’s husband, Jerry, dislikes him. Finally, Rick loves his grandchildren very much. Even though he is demonstrated like a cynic and nihilist, Rick is an incredibly smart scientist who understood everything about life and became disappointed in it. The series is exciting precisely because of Rick’s human side.

Final Word

Harmon and Roiland invented the perfect sitcom of the 21st century. Today it is no longer possible to tell naive stories in the spirit of sitcoms of the 1980s and 1990s, where families have always dealt with their problems. But it does not mean that modern viewers do not care about their loved ones (and therefore, the heroes with whom they associate themselves). The best way to get a modern viewer to watch a series about family and love is to pretend that it is an absurd show about a cynical scientist and parallel worlds, and love, which appears on the screen accidentally.