Rice Diet: Facts and Contraindications

Rice diet is a very fashionable restrictive diet that involves the almost exclusive consumption of this cereal, making you lose weight very quickly.

Invented in the middle of the last century by German doctor Walter Kempner as a food therapy for diabetic, hypertensive, and obese patients, this diet is very fashionable today. Still, we must be careful of its many contraindications.

Let’s see what the rice diet consists of its advantages, and its contraindications.

Rice Diet: What It Is

The rice diet promises a weight loss of about 20 kg per month and provides an almost exclusive rice consumption, especially wholemeal, but also Venus, Basmati, red and wild. This diet is based on the four main nutritional characteristics of this cereal, namely:

  • the high presence of fibres
  • low-calorie intake (330kcal per 100g of rice)
  • the satiating power – given by the rice’s ability to absorb a lot of water during cooking
  • stimulation of diuresis – thanks to the high presence of potassium

The rice diet can be followed in two different versions: a “shock therapy”, which lasts up to 9 days, and a milder one, which lasts one month. This latest version provides for an increased caloric intake. It is divided into two phases, a detox, or 15 days focused on detoxifying the body. The daily calorie intake cannot exceed 800 calories and where only rice, low-fat cheeses are allowed. , fruit and vegetables, and a maintenance one, where other foods are also allowed such as fresh or dried legumes, fish, white meats and other cereals (quinoa, millet, buckwheat, etc.), for a total of 1200 calories per day.

Rice Diet: The Benefits

Undoubtedly, the rice diet allows you to lose weight quickly, thanks to the almost exclusive consumption of a cereal rich in fibre and low in sodium, namely brown rice. Among the other advantages deriving from following the rice diet, we can include its detoxifying power and diuresis stimulation.

Rice Diet: Contraindications

Suppose it is true that the rice diet allows you to lose weight quickly. In that case, it is also true that this diet is very drastic and not recommended, especially in the do-it-yourself, and to be followed only with the approval of the doctor or nutritionist expert.

This diet is not very balanced in the variety and the distribution of nutrients, since it admits only a few foods and eliminates many others, and, like all drastic diets. It has the defect that once interrupted, if a correct and balanced diet, immediately regain all the pounds lost.

Furthermore, the rice diet is a low-protein and low-calorie diet that can significantly decrease muscle mass, hypotension, and severe vitamin deficiencies. Simultaneously, the enormous loss of fluids following the first detoxifying phase can also have consequences on health.

The Main Contraindications of The Rice Diet

  • low nutritional balance (lack of protein, vitamin D, calcium, iron, etc.);
  • the pounds lost are mainly liquid, while the fat mass may not be affected;
  • possible worsening of low blood pressure;
  • the potential loss of muscle mass in the presence of regular physical activity;
  • tiredness and fatigue;
  • boredom and monotony of food;
  • possible flatulence;
  • frequent feeling of hunger;
  • once interrupted, if a correct and balanced diet is not taken, it will immediately regain all the weight lost.

General Rules for Healthy Weight Loss

  • Before starting any diet, ask your doctor or an expert nutritionist for advice.
  • Always vary foods as much as possible.
  • Drink more than 2 litres of water a day to eliminate toxins and promote useful intestinal function.
  • Avoid heavy cooking, such as frying: better boil, grill or steam.
  • Use salt in moderation, but you can also completely replace it with herbs and spices, giving taste and not adding calories.
  • Avoid sweets and, in general, sugar, which can be replaced with natural sweeteners such as honey or whole cane sugar, to always use in small doses.
  • Always follow an adequate sporting activity, which will allow you to achieve optimal health and healthily burn excess calories.