Review: Philips Portable Power Bank DLP1710CV

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With the rise in the usage of smart, versatile and portable devices, the demand for power banks has soared. In order to keep the smart devices and gadgets running and last for a day after heavy usage, there is a need for power banks. If your work requires a lot of smartphone use, then you need a portable charger to juice up your devices from time to time.

Philips has launched its new Portable Power Bank DLP1710CV which has lots of impressive and advanced features. Coming from a trustable brand ‘Philips’ which has touched many lives since it had set its foot in India in 1993, the product is gaining some good attention from the gadget lovers. Let’s have a closer look at what this new power bank from Philips has to offer to its user:


Looking at the design of the power bank, we can say that Philips has done a great job in creating a device which looks stylish and sleek. The power bank only weighs 227 g and comes with a dimension of 134 mm width, 68 mm height, and 15.2 mm depth, making it portable enough to carry anywhere. The power bank comes in two different colour variants – black and white, both of which look premium and attractive. The power bank is compact, and its build quality is excellent. This pocket-friendly power bank has a grooved surface throughout to prevent the slippage and offer a better grip.

This aesthetically appealing power bank from Philips can charge multiple devices at the same time and has two USB output, one micro Input and one Type-c Input. The power bank is specially engineered in such a way that it absorbs the shock of impact in case of accidental falls. The plastic body of the power bank is heat and scratch resistant.

The power bank comes in a small cardboard box displaying all the features of the power bank along with the product images. Inside the box, you will get a power bank resting on a plastic case, especially moulded, to hold the power bank. Additionally, the box contains a micro USB cable for charging the devices supporting micro USB cables and an instruction leaflet to guide the user.

Capacity and Charging

Philips DLP1710CV comes with a smart power management feature, which ensures that the power is efficiently transferred to the device when it is charging. The power bank is designed in such a manner that the devices connected to it are charged in a proper sequence to ensure uniform charging in the case when there are multiple devices to charge.

Adding to all the good feature is its high capacity A+ Lithium Polymer battery, which is enough to charge all the devices like iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung S9 and iPhone X. The efficient and productive polymer cells of the power bank offer almost 1000 charge and discharge cycles, which makes it one of the most long-lasting power banks available today.

Furthermore, Philips DLP1710 comes with a special voltage protection feature which protects itself and other connected devices from the damage caused by fluctuating voltage. In case of high voltage fluctuation, it automatically cut down the power, thus safeguarding it from voltage related damage.


  1. Stylish, Slim and portable.
  2. Sturdy build.
  3. It supports charging of Multiple devices through its 2 USB port, one micro-input and one Type- c input.
  4. Competitively priced.
  5. High conversion rate. It charges the devices quickly.


  1. The model has a somewhat large size than most of its counterparts.
  2. The device is only compatible with smartphones, whereas other power banks support a variety of devices.


Overall the performance of Philips Portable Power Bank DLP1710CV is decent. The 10,000mAh power bank offered good results when it comes to charging potential and design. Looking at its features, it is a value for money. The most impressive features about the power bank are its smart power management, voltage protection and superior quality build. The power bank is available on Flipkart for the purchase and is reasonably priced at Rs.2499. Currently, the seller is offering a discount of 60% on the power bank, selling it just for Rs. 999.

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly power bank with excellent performance, then the Philips Portable Power Bank DLP1710CV can serve your purpose well. It doesn’t matter what kind of smartphone you are using; the power bank is capable of charging it uninterruptedly while also keeping it safe with the voltage fluctuations.