Return to Sender USPS : Simple Steps

Return to Sender USPS is a mail to be delivered on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that mistakes happen from time to time! If the mail has come to the right address, letter must be addressed to someone who does not live there, write “Not at this address” on the envelope or package before returning it.

If you get mail which has been delivered to the wrong address, give it back to the delivery person or drop it in a mailbox. You can also refuse and return mail, as long as it is not opened.

Mail Sent to Someone Who Doesn’t Live at Your Address

  • If you get mail sent to the correct address, but the recipient doesn’t live there, clearly print “Not at this address” somewhere on the item. Don’t write “Return to sender” message.
  • See a bar code on the item, cross it out to ensure the item doesn’t come back to same address.
  • Tell mail carrier or contact local post office if you keep getting mail addressed to someone who doesn’t live at the address. Local post office ensures that you don’t keep getting misdelivered mail.
  • Give the mail piece back to delivery person and explain that the person it was addressed to doesn’t live there.
  • You can put the item back in the mailbox and get the red flag up so that mail carrier should pick it up next time they deliver the mail.
  • As an alternative to give the item back to your mail carrier, you can put it in a USPS mail collection box. The post office will collect it and return it to the sender or forward it to the correct address.
  • Using the USPS “Find Locations” page you can find the nearest collection box .

Mail Delivered to the Wrong Address : Return to Sender USPS

  • If the mail delivered to the wrong address it generally means that the mail delivery person put it in the mailbox by mistake. After picking up the mail, put the misdelivered item back in the box and put the red flag up.
  • The flag on the mailbox signals to the mail carrier that you got an outgoing mail in the box.
  • When a Priority Mail Express item has been delivered to the wrong address, call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) to request for the Priority Mail Express Reporting Unit. Do as per the instructions given on the phone line on how to return the item.
  • Hand the item back to the delivery person when the mail carrier is making the deliveries, and explain that it was delivered to the wrong address.
  • You can also bring the item to the local post office.

Unwanted Mail That’s Addressed to You : Return to Sender USPS

  • Write “Refused” on the item and return it to mail carrier and you can refuse most types of mail to return to the sender even if they’re addressed to you.
  • You won’t be able to do this if you’ve opened the item, even if it’s resealed.
  • You can refuse most mail items at the time of delivery or after they’ve been delivered.
  • Check “Refused” on the delivery notice if it’s accountable mail.
  • Accountable mail is mail that you have to sign for and refuse accountable mail before it is delivered to you by checking the box labeled “Refused” on the delivery notice that your mail carrier gives you.
  • If mail carrier left you a delivery notice to sign in the mailbox, check “Refused,” sign the notice, and put it back in the mailbox.
  • Common types of accountable mail include Priority Mail Express, Registered Mail, Certified Mail, Collect on Delivery.
  • If you want to return one of the items after you’ve received it and signed for it, you will need to repackage it and send it back with new postage.
  • Repackage the item with new postage if you’ve opened it.
  • Once the item is repackaged, mail it as it is done normally.
  • The seller provide a prepaid shipping label or compensate for the postage if you are returning damaged or unwanted merchandise.