Retirement : Best Places In India To Choose To Live

Retirement is a beautiful time of anybody’s life. It’s the time when we are finally in the mindset to take a break and step away from that fast-paced life, which your body and health were once accustomed to. After years of the rat race, your job, commitments towards yourself and family, you’d finally be ready to hang your socks and smell the roses.

To help you get an experience of a lovely new way of life which might be nevertheless enriching, a tad bit slow-paced, we have compiled a list of the best places in India for retirement. So have a look and maybe you consider settling herein of these charming cities after your retirement.

Chandigarh, Punjab And Haryana

  • Popularly known as a senior citizen’s haven
  • Nestled between Mohali and Panchkula
  • Beautifully planned city
  • Well connected by road and rail to all the major highways
  • Located close to New Delhi
  • The capital of the northwestern states of Punjab and Haryana
  • favourable climate
  • Reasonably pollution-free environment
  • Low crime rate
  • Brilliant medical institutions

And this is the reason lovely city is a pleasant place for senior citizens and retirees. And if you’re planning to visit Chandigarh to explore if this is a great city to settle down, and taste 56 types of buttery kulchas you can get here.

Pune, Maharashtra

  • Broad clear roads
  • Lush greenery
  • Cool climate
  • Old-world charm
  • Ranked the most livable city in India by ‘Ease of Living Index’ in 2018
  • A smatter of charming old cafes
  • Lovely gardens
  • A variety of homely food
  • Enjoys a lower cost of living
  • Less crowded compared to Mumbai
  • World-class medical facilities
  • Elite institutions and iconic tourist and religious
  • Destinations
  • Rich art and culture
  • Draws people from various walks of life.

It’s best city to make the most of the retirement life and spend quality time surrounded by loved ones.

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

  • Known as the ‘Textile Capital of the South’
  • The second-largest city in Tamil Nadu
  • Connected by rail and three national highways
  • Has an international airport
  • has a bustling cosmopolitan culture
  • Low pollution
  • Enjoys a uniform climate throughout the year
  • Rapid infrastructure growth
  • Great connectivity
  • The cost of living is low
  • The incidence of violent crimes lower than the national average

Coimbatore is the best places in India for retirement.. and healthcare is exemplary here.

Mysore, Karnataka

  • The most beautiful cities of Karnataka
  • Has a royal grandeur,
  • Blooming gardens
  • Majestic palaces
  • Gorgeous landscapes
  • Bustling markets with quiet calm vibe to it
  • Urban Development ministry ranked it the cleanest city in India a destination for solace
  • The perfect place to unwind
  • A well-planned city
  • Has a reasonable cost of living

So, explore the joys of retirement in Mysore

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

  • A spiritually inclined place to retire
  • Gorgeous Himalayan hamlet
  • Situated on the foothills of Garhwal Himalayas
  • The holy river Ganga flows thru the city
  • A smatter of temples, ashrams, sadhus, saints
  • Placed against the backdrop of the picturesque Himalayas and emerald Ganga
  • Hub of Alternative medicine and healing centres

Uttarakhand’s Rishikesh hasit all which retirees will find to be useful.

Jaipur, Rajasthan

  • The best places in India for retirement
  • The Pink City is well connected by road, rail and air
  • Has great medical facilities
  • Picturesque travel destinations
  • A reasonable standard of living
  • Delicious food, friendly locals and gorgeous views
  • Weather can be a bit on the warmer side
  • The peaceful environment

Having all the amentities of life makes it a perfect place for retirees.

Bhubaneswar, Odisha

  • The capital of Odisha
  • Known for lowest electricity prices in India
  • World Bank Model City
  • Variety of multi-speciality and super-speciality hospitals
  • Well connected by air and rail
  • Making it easily accessible
  • The ancient city is known for its marvellous temples
  • Rich fabric industry
  • Delicious seafood
  • Peaceful secluded beaches.

Thanks to its power distribution reforms in India and facilities , it will convince you to reside in Bhubaneshwar.

Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

  • A charming little hill station
  • The view of majestic mountains from windows every morning
  • Established as a British colonial hill station
  • Lands up on everyone’s travel list
  • Perched at the height of 1,800m
  • 65 km away from Chandigarh
  • Pleasant summers
  • Cold winters
  • Pristine nature
  • Cosy cafes

Kasauli is one of the best places to live after retirement. Most retirees would vote to retire in cosying up under the blanket with a warm cup of tea with their loved ones by their side. As beautiful as that sounds if you’re nodding your head wondering that this would be the perfect retirement, then Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh is just the place for you.


  • The French colonial settlement
  • A Union Territory located near Tamil Nadu
  • Known for its crystal clear beaches
  • French cafes, French-styled architecture
  • Laid back lifestyle
  • Retirement homes around the city such as Aishwaryam, Covai and Serene Pelican
  • Retirement homes provide a healthy and active lifestyle for senior citizens
  • Good infrastructure
  • Impressive healthcare
  • Serene spiritual connect.

Come to Pondicherry to have a great time in the serene and calm environment.

Dehradun, Uttarakhand

  • A hill station in Uttarakhand
  • Luxurious retirement home called Antara by the Max Group
  • Stellar medical facilities
  • A plethora of retirement homes
  • Well connected by air and rail
  • Has excellent weather
  • Low crime rate
  • A high per capita income
  • An easy-breezy city

You’d like to spend the rest of your life in Dehradun which is known as to be a popular hill station in India, but you wil be amazed make it your retirement destination.

Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands

  • Located in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands
  • Brilliant connectivity to cities like Chennai, Kolkata and Vishakapatnam
  • Flights expensive but commute within the destination
  • Feels like living in Goa
  • Tall coconut trees
  • Clean beaches
  • Cosy homes but no late night clubs
  • Selected as one of the 100 cities to be developed into a smart city

If you love spending time by yourself, away from the rest of the world, cultivating new hobbies and living each day to the fullest, then welcome to Port Blair!