How to Remove Security Tag easily from Apparels

How to remove security tag from apparels when you’ve purchased an item and brought it home only to realize that the cashier forgot to remove the security tag, you can remove it from your clothes without taking a trip all the way back to the store.

If you want to know how to remove security tags from clothing using a variety of methods, just follow these easy methods whichever suits you the best.

Methods to Remove Security Tag

  • Using Rubber Bands
  • Using a Screwdriver
  • Freezing the Tag
  • Hitting the Tag
  • Using Needle-Nose Pliers
  • Using Brute Force for Electro-Magnet Tags
  • Burning the Tag

How to Remove Security Tag Using Rubber Bands

Place ink cartridge of tag facedownThe ink cartridge is the part of the tag that juts out of the plastic is on the opposite side of the pin is the round part of the tag.
Pull apparel & tag away Move both of them as far as possible but beware that it may not ruin the clothing.
Place rubberband below a pin.The rubber band should be large and thick.
It should be strong.
It should be thin enough to fit under the pin to loosen it.
Hold part of ink tag with one hand.Pull the pin off with the other hand for which the pressure of the pins should be strong enough for the pin to pop out easily to pulls apart from the tag. Try again with multiple rubber bands when rubber band didn’t loosen it enough,.

How to Remove Security Tag Using a Screwdriver

Place the apparel on the floor with the ink cartridge facing up.
Take a thin flat head screwdriver to place it on edge of the raised square pyramid.
Press down hard to pierce the plastic and pull it up.
Pop up the perimeter of the plastic.
Remove the silver paper lining to see the metal plate below it.
Use screwdriver to lift one of the metal arms holding the pin in place.
Slide the pin away from the tag easily to slide through the just-free hole and the tag will be removed.

How to Remove Security Tag by Freezing the Tag

Freeze apparel with ink tag overnight.
Rip open the tag.
Use hands or pliers to rip open ensuring the ink doesn’t spill everywhere.

How to Remove Security Tag by Hitting the Tag

Gently pull the tag away from apparel Do the pulling ten or so times to loosen the pin a bit.
Find a large nail.The nail should be bigger than the tag. The head of the nail should be as wide as a penny at least.
Pull tag away from clothing.Hold long plastic part of the tag to the side and pull the tag.
Hit down on the ink cartridge until it pops open.Repeatedly strike down on the ink cartridge until it pops open without applying too much force. There is a possibility to hit it twenty plus times to get it perfectly done. Do not hit it too hard otherwise the tag will more likely to burst open.

How to Remove Security Tag Using Needle-Nose Pliers

Hold the security tag with the ink cartridge side up.
Grip a side of the rectangular tag with the help of pliers.
Hold the other side with another pair of pliers.
Gently bend each side of the tag down using the pliers. Try to cautious as hard bending may crack it in half and ink might spill everywhere.
Keep bending to loosen the pin and help it to pop off.

How to Remove Security Tag Using Brute Force for Electro-Magnet Tags

Many modern tags are actually having an electro-magnet and anything like an ink pouch. On breaking it open, you will see no ink inside it. In such tags perform the following steps :-

Place a hard thing between the tag and the head of the pin for giving a slack.
Bend the pin back and forth to break it.
Pull the tag straight back so that it exits the hole originally it went through.
It will break open the tag.

How to Remove Security Tag by Burning the tag

Burn the dome like portion of the tag using a lighter. It will catch fire as its plastic after burning it for few seconds.
Use a knife or a sharp object for chopping the dome.
Try to find a spring and tag will pretty much pop out as you keep scooping in.

Hoping that the above methods will help you open the cloth tag.