Reliance Jio Vs Airtel Vs Vodafone Best Plan Under Rs 100

Telecom companies are offering several best plans to woo users. At the same time, after the tariff became expensive in December 2019, users are looking for the best plans at low prices. Here we are telling you about some fantastic prepaid plans of Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodafone under Rs 100. In these plans, along with unlimited calling, the benefit is also being offered up to 6 GB data. Let’s know about these plans.

Airtel plans under Rs 100

Rs 19 Plan

In Airtel’s Rs 19 plan, you are being offered True Unlimited Calling for any network across the country. This plan, which comes with a validity of 2 days, also offers 200MB of data. This plan does not offer Free SMS benefits.

Rs 79 Plan

The company is offering talk time of Rs 64 in smart recharge of Rs 79. For calling, it is charged at the rate of 60 paise per minute. The validity of the plan is for 28 days, and 200 MB of data is also available in it.

Rs 49 Plan

Airtel offers talk time of Rs 38.52 in this plan. In this plan, which comes with a validity of 28 days, you will get 100 MB of data to run the internet.

Reliance Jio plans under Rs 100

Rs 21 Plan

This one is also a data voucher that you can activate with the existing plan. This plan offers 200 minutes to call Jio to non-Jio network with 2 GB of data.

Rs 51 Plan

Jio’s Rs 51 data voucher offers you 6 GB of data and 500 minutes for non- Jio calling. You can top-up this data voucher over your active plan.

Top-Up Voucher of Rs 100

This top-up voucher offers talk time of Rs 81.75. The plan comes with 1,362 IUC minutes. The specialty of this plan is that it gets 10 GB of complementary data.

Rs 75 Plan

In Jio’s all-in-one plan of Rs 75, you get a total of 3 GB of data. This plan offering 28 days validity and daily 50 free SMS, gives unlimited calling for Jio networks. At the same time, calling on other networks, the plan offers 500 minutes. This plan comes along with a free subscription to Jio apps. Only Jio phone users can activate this plan.

Vodafone plans under Rs 100

Rs 19 Plan

Under this plan of Vodafone, unlimited calling is being offered for any network. 200 MB data is being provided in this plan, which comes with a validity of 2 days. Another unique thing about the plan is that it also gives a free subscription of Vodafone Play and G5.