How to Rejuvenate Gmail Themes, Fonts and More

gmail themes

While a huge number of individuals have delighted in Gmail since its dispatch in 2004, its appearance isn’t the loveliest. Highlights like inbox tabs, channels, and pursuit look a considerable measure better when they’re not appearing on an exhausting white background.

Gratefully, you can tweak Gmail’s look with themes, backgrounds, and more. Here’s the way to put a new layer of paint on your Google post box.

Themes and background

Numerous Gmail apprentices don’t have a clue about that Gmail has a work in the way that makes it simple to alter your inbox. The Themes segment gives you a chance to apply an assortment of new looks that are greatly enhanced over the boring default.

Here’s the manner by which to change your Gmail theme: tap the Gear symbol over your inbox, at that point pick Themes. You’ll see another exchange box with a few themes to look over. Each theme incorporates another picture that will change your Gmail background.

gmail themes

The ones at the best are from different picture takers and show view like shorelines, chess sheets, and comparable. Tap the More pictures passage to see handfuls a greater amount of the best Gmail themes. Tick one you like and pick Select to add it to your theme list.

At the base of the list, you’ll see a couple of straightforward themes like Dark and different hues. The rundown tops off with some great Gmail themes like Graffiti, Terminal, and High Score. You can likewise pick the Random theme, which will rearrange another theme for you consistently.

Gmail likewise offers a touch of customization for the cutting edge themes. Snap one, at that point search for a column of symbols at the base of the window:

  • The Text background button gives you a chance to flip between a light and dim fringe for messages and buttons.
  • Utilize the Vignette slider to obscure the edges of the picture.
  • The Blur slider will, obviously, unfocus the picture.

gmail themes

These customizations aren’t super profound; however, they let you add an extravagant touch to your Gmail background.

Custom Gmail themes

Try not to like any of the themes accessible? You can make a custom Gmail theme with your own particular photograph. Tap the My Photos button on the theme dialog, and Gmail will demonstrate your pictures from Google Photos.


On the off chance that you haven’t officially, open Google Photos and transfer the picture you’d get a kick out of the chance to use in your custom Gmail theme. You can look through your photographs on the off chance that you have numerous to deal with. Tap the picture you need to use as your theme simply like some other, and apply the alternatives above on the off chance that you’d like.

Changing font size in Gmail

Gmail doesn’t have a committed alternative for expanding the text dimension of your inbox or changing the textual style. Be that as it may, you can utilize a couple of traps to accomplish a comparative outcome.

One is Gmail’s Display Density work. This is an essential element that resizes your inbox in view of your screen measure, show goals, and program window estimate. It changes Gmail’s view by moving marks, messages, and different components closer together to spare space.

This will change naturally, however you can attempt another look physically. Simply tap the Settings outfit and pick Comfortable, Cozy, or Compact.

font size

The Comfortable takes up the most space. While Compact packs everything together.

Bear in mind that like some other site page, you can likewise zoom in while utilizing Gmail. Hold Ctrl and press the Plus key, or look over your mouse wheel up. Press Ctrl + 0 to reset this.

This is a decent workaround for expanding the text dimension when required. On the off chance that it’s insufficient for you, have a go at changing your OS text style settings or textual style choices in your program.

Changing font in Gmail

You can’t change the textual style Gmail utilizes for your inbox, yet you can change the text style that you use in new messages. To do as such, open Settings. On the General tab, you’ll see a segment titled Default content style.


This demonstrates your default body content for new messages. You can tap the buttons above it to change the textual style, size, and shading. It just offers a couple of decisions, for example, Georgia, Verdana, and the drained Comic Sans MS, however, you may discover one of these decisions all the more engaging.

The Size button gives you a chance to pick from four sizes, two of them bigger than the default. Also, you can change the shading to an assortment of shades here. Don’t hesitate to make changes here that outcome in a simpler Gmail encounter, however, be careful with changes that could make your messages less expert.

Gmail once had a Labs work for changing your textual style, yet it’s shockingly no longer accessible.

Gmail redesigning

In April 2018, Google uncovered another search for Gmail. Alongside an invigorated interface, it brings new highlights like Smart Reply, napping messages, and a Confidential Mode. Regardless of whether you couldn’t care less about those, it’s justified regardless of an attempt just to see the overhaul and change the text style in Gmail. You can simply return on the off chance that you don’t care for it.

To swap to the new Gmail, sign in and tap the Gear symbol in the upper right of your inbox. Snap Try the new Gmail and the page will reload with the new form.

It is anything but an extreme change yet introduces a few components of Material Design and another textual style. In the event that you choose you don’t care for it, simply tap the Gear again and pick Go back to exemplary Gmail.

What’s more, in the event that you haven’t attempted Inbox by Gmail, that is additionally justified regardless of a look. It adopts a more assignment centered strategy to email, finish with an alternate look.


Tragically, a portion of the more profound Gmail customizations has left lately. A few Chrome and Firefox augmentations that offered more Gmail themes are expostulated or no longer accessible. What’s more, Gmail’s Labs library has nothing intriguing to offer.

Gmail doesn’t offer too many inherent approaches to change its appearance other than themes, however, in any event, you have a couple. We prescribe changing your Gmail theme and attempting the new search for a refreshed look.

On the off chance that you require more customization, you might need to go for desktop mail clients for Gmail that have more alternatives.