Recruiting For Your Team: Why You Should Hire Freelance Python Developers vs. One In-House

freelance dev

Recruiting programmers and web developers are never easy. The best charge astronomical rates or build their own team. The worst cause more headaches than they are worth unless they are carefully developed over time.

Each business has their own needs for programmers. Some use them as a component for helping support by building custom solutions for everything from blogs to web stores. Some businesses utilize their talents for more complex problems that require constant backup.

The answer to the question regarding your team’s needs for an in-house vs. deciding to hire python developers that freelance depends on what their purpose will serve.

  1. Will they be working on projects that require fulltime hours?
  2. Do they need to be located in-house and is your team prepared to hold those costs?
  3. Is it something that would be easier handled by a team of developers with less billed hours?
  4. Are your projects ever time sensitive enough to need emergency alterations?

Each of these presents a different scenario. If projects don’t require fulltime work or aren’t on a tight schedule, using a freelancer is a no-brainer.

Using a freelancing team or building one that is used only as needed can save money on in-house costs and offer more diverse opportunity for utilizing different developers that are better at different aspects of programming.

It can seem more uncomfortable to work with/rely on a freelancer, but thats what vetting processes are for. As things become more gig like, independence has become a must for many of the best-priced coders. While reliability can seem more challenging, its a matter of offering an opportunity that is in line with the quality of programmer that you are looking for.

For instance, many e-commerce platforms have a list of vetted programmers that can work on projects or provide support for reasonable rates that are reflective of their experience and their availability.

Paying one or three subpar programmers three times the price over time for a problem or solution that could be handled by a top-tier python programmer doesn’t make sense. It’s the “busy effect.” More cogs turning at a seemingly lower rate have an opportunity cost.

As for the case of needing someone in-house for meetings and emergency situations, there is an advantage to hiring an expert freelancer. Their breadth of experience can save money or face by handling a problem they have come across before.

While many teams want a talented programmer that can grow with the company and eventually fill in a senior programming role, the advantage of using a python freelancer initially is that it frees up time and capital for other areas of development.

Another added benefit is that incorporating a remote programmer into an already built programming team is easier than ever.

It comes down to comfort vs. savings/opportunity for growth. While it can seem like a challenge, there are tools for monitoring and working comfortably with remote workers that completely take the guess work out the equation.