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How to Make Sure They Will Reply

Any experienced recruiter can tell you that finding the candidates is the easiest task. Engaging, however, is a different beast altogether. The global workforce is composed out of 70% “passive talent”, with the rest having a willingness to change their current job. There must be a spark to gain attention to your talent. And with that spark, you will be able to weed out the ones that are really open to a new challenge.

The correct cold recruiting email template will make engaging with the passive talent far easier. To get a sense of perspective, the response rate of an average candidate is somewhere between 20% and 25%. If you pay attention to our tips, tricks, and our example templates, you can boost this response rate to over 50%.

The Importance of the Subject Line

Let us take a look at online dating. It is a well-known fact that if you want to get a response, the first thing you will say is going to have the greatest impact. Anyone who has used online dating knows that you can never get an answer back if you just go with a bland “hey”. The same applies to outreach recruiting emails via webmail.

We are not suggesting to use pick-up lines on your potential candidates. We are suggesting to choose a subject line that will cause a reaction from the candidate.

Elements that are a Must in any Recruiting Email Template

Try to Flatter the Candidate

Yes, this might sound a tad manipulative, but anything is fair game in business. And let us face it, it is almost impossible to resist some well-thought-out flattery. Plenty of studies can back up the claim that flattery will turn in positive results when it comes to marketing strategy. Yes, such tactics are very common and are used by most recruiters out there. But that is simply because it is a strategy that works by grabbing the attention of the reader.

Do not be Afraid to Show that you Have Done Your Research

Sending out a recruiting email with a personal touch that can only be linked back to the targeted candidate is the way to go. Figure out a method that allows you to make a connection that targets the candidate’s interest. This way, you are almost guaranteed to get an answer back via your email finder.

Go with something intriguing

The purpose of the subject line is to increase your odds of having the candidate open the email. The good news is that recruiters have an edge on this when compared to regular emails. The #1 email checker will make your job much easier, so you should look into it.

Feed their Curiosity

Most recruiters have the tendency to tell the whole story with their subject line. Even if you are a recruiter yourself, you have probably stumbled upon a subject line that sounds hyper dull and intuitive. Exciting opportunity for “XXX Company”. Nobody will give such a subject line even a second thought. Having such a generic and revealing subject line will result in having your message swiftly deleted.

Just by reading the subject line, the candidate can figure out if it’s even worth time to open the email. The only scenario in which they would open such an email is if they are actively looking for a new job. But then again, as we have covered earlier in the article, only a small chunk of the workforce is actively searching for a job. And the whole goal is to get in contact with the candidate you have targeted.

Be Vague and Keep Them Guessing

Instead of going for the bland and generic outreach subject line, try something different. Go for a deliberately vague subject line to lure the candidate in. Curiosity is a strong force that leads people to decisions that they would not normally go for.

Good ideas:

– A short introduction that ends abruptly

– Straight out schedule a call

– Offer some insight regarding your background

It does not matter how good the subject line is, because in the end, even the best ones will not guarantee a reply. However, it basically opens the door for the candidate to have a closer look at the body of your recruiting email. Mailchimp is a very interesting platform designed with small business in mind.

The same receipt applies to the body of the email. Try to flatter the subject, be as intriguing as possible, and make sure that the personalization you featured in the subject line will continue in the body of the email.

Outreach Recruiting Email Template

Hello <first name of the candidate>,

My name is John Doe, and I am the <Job Title> at <Company>.

We are looking for someone who is a good fit for our <Marketing> department. The last feature published by you in <Publication Name> has piqued my interest. Our current project is very similar, and we believe that you would be a very strong addition to the team.


<Your full name>

Do not let yourself be limited by templates. The whole purpose of the template is to showcase the fact that you have done your research while stating your interest in having them join your company. You can basically go with anything if you keep it professional.

Other Aspects You Need to Keep in Mind

–          Do not ramble on for far too long. Keep it short and concise. Four to five sentences should be more than enough to get your point across.

–          Do not focus on how great your company is. Instead, try to relay the advantages and opportunities your company can provide.

–          Always, and we mean always, include a call to action. Make sure that the subject can easily have something to answer to within the cold email.