Record everything that happens on your screen with IObit Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder

Many of us record the activity of our monitors for all kinds of purposes. Sometimes it helps us simply to take static captures … but there are situations in which it is better for us to record a video because it can be more explanatory.

There are hundreds of screen recorders, but there are fewer good ones. Almost all of them offer us similar performance, they work very similar and even have almost identical interfaces. Many of them are paid and others are free. Most of the good recorders are paid, but from time to time proposals with remarkable performance appear for free.

IObit Screen Recorder is best known screen recorder for its system optimization apps (the kind we don’t recommend as being more complicated than true solvers). Recently a new tool has been made available to everyone, but in this case it is not a “magic” optimizer but a screen video recorder that I really liked, IObit Screen Recorder.

It is still in beta, but in my tests it has behaved perfectly and has given me very good results. It is completely free and without spam or watermarks and without additional payment options.

When opened, the online screen recorder will show us a simple interface, very similar to other recorders, with switches to different basic elements, such as the one that allows us to record the audio of the system or the microphone, allow a halo of color to be placed around the mouse or the recording area, where we can select different predetermined sizes or select a custom area. If we have more than one monitor, we can also select that any of the monitors be recorded in full screen (I miss that all monitors can be recorded at the same time).

We also have two buttons at the bottom of the interface that will display a panel with the videos and static captures that we have made. And a panel with quick settings that will allow us to select the recording format or the frame rate.

In the videos and captures panel, we can right click on any of them to show us a pop-up menu from where we can, among other actions, share our video on different platforms. Its integrated editor is the simplest thing there can be … it simply allows us to trim the video. Its configuration section is not that it has thousands of options, only those necessary to adjust it to our needs.

As we can see, it is not the most complete in the world nor does it have hundreds of options … simple and to the point, with just the right options. In all my tests, even being a beta version, it has performed excellently and the results have convinced me. It is a very good option for those moments when we need to make a simple and fast video without losing quality. I repeat that it is a free tool, without watermarks and without advertisements.